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  1. Today I discovered that the program was open on my husband's user desktop. Don't know why--- he doesn't use it, I do. So I logged onto my user and after investigating discovered that I cannot open the program using the shortcut, or even the regular button in the program file menu, but there is one that says "open as administrator" and if I use that I can open the program! Wasn't like this using Windows XP and Vectorworks 11. But at least I can open it!
  2. She told me in March, actually, but then I got an email saying that 12.5.1 was compatible. So I bought the upgrade, installed it today, and it will not open! I get no error message or amything!
  3. But when I called to upgrade she told me 12 wasn't compatible either.
  4. You seem to feel that VW 12 can be run with Vista. I have 11.5.1..... and I called to upgrade to 12. The rep told me it was not compatible with Vista and that she did not know when it would be. I have a new Dell computer, Vista Premium Ready, so I didn't just upgrade to Vista, if this makes any difference. I have drawings that I need to finish! I am bummed by the idea that I might have to run VW on the old computer until the compatibility issue is resolved.
  5. You are actually using your VW 12 with Vista? Because I still have 11.5.1 etc. and called to upgrade and she told me that 12 is not compatible and she didn't know when VW would be.
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