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  1. We have used the present Mac Pro for 6 1/2" Years. that is $1,200 a year for computer cost. Let's say you spend $9,000 on the new Mac Pro and use it for 6 years, that comes down to $1,500 per year in computer cost. Now let's say you buy either an iMac or MacBook Pro either or would cost around $3,800. We get about 3 years out of these for our power users but could be longer for a non-power user but based upon the new Mac Pro lets say these are for power users. That comes out to $1,260 a year in computer cost. As you can see the per year delta is not that great and the amount of power the power user has is much greater thus time savings hopefully. Our present Mac Pro as we await the new one with a certain task is still much faster than the latest Mac Book Pro or iMac. We will get another 3 years of use or more out of the present Mac Pro for other low-level users and non-essential work type task thus reducing the per year cost even more. We have priced equivalent Windows computers as best as possible and it is as stated, costing much more than this Mac Pro by a couple of thousand dollars or more. We think this present Mac Pro is a bargain, while the monitor, on the other hand, is a bargain for those that need that type of color and resolution in the film, photography, and Industrial realms which is much bigger than the Architectural profession in sheer numbers.
  2. Cricket cricket no response? Dan why do you ask, is a client asking you not to do this NFC note on your layouts.
  3. We can confirm the need to repair STL files no matter the application exporting. Their are many apps to perform this work but we have relied on the print houses to do the cleaning.. Closed polygons and flipped faces are a curse.
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