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  1. Dear All, I am finalising a set of tools for Provision for Voids in Vectorworks. I would love to collect any kind of information about how you deal with these elements in your BIM projects. Share your experience, tell me your problems, tell me your recommendations. Thank you for sharing!
  2. Hello, I will transfer the articles there soon, but I am not sharing Orso's subroutines any longer. _c_
  3. Italy, then Spain, then France. Most hit right now. Warm folks with a habit of kissing and hugging. Bless our friendliness, it is killing us.
  4. The problem, Don, is that a really large number of persons needs intensive care. And they need it all together and at the same time and every day you have double as many person needing the same. It is unique. So you better space the "arrivals" at the hospitals diluting the infections or more people dies just because they cannot get a bed, these are not only old and sick.
  5. Don, as Italian I tell you: be careful with what you say. No flu behaves this way. I live abroad since over 25 years. With all the limits of the Italian Health System (which is universal: born there, you are in), they are doing amazingly. But their reports are chilling. We never, ever had the hospitals overwhelmed with flu patients, never had to choose who lives and who dies. In Germany they learned the lesson from China: they are building emergency hospitals with ready made containers. There they will shift the "normal" patients. Normal hospitals, which have more advanced facility, obviously, are being converted as far as possible into emergency rooms. Bracing for the wave. I left Germany with the last available plane in order to be close to my Italian parents. Age 80es. I want them alive, not dead. They are among the funniest, liveliest, most cultivated and charming persons you could ever meet. And someone needs to buy food for them, now, so that they stay safe. Think of your mother and father, if you are young and don't feel involved. Ready to risk them?
  6. Hello Takeshi, that was a wonderful article by Gerard Jonker. I have the latest copy. This is what I have kept, I will transfer it as soon as possible on dev, need to speak with @Vlado. Not all of it should transfer. Absolute Origin Charles Chandlers (all articles): Button in Object Info Obj with custom preference dialog Obj with Edit Path triggered by Edit Group Obj with geometry creation outside PIO Obj with no wall insertion Obj with reset on layer scaling Path obj with 2D Reshape on double-click Path obj with markers editable in Attributes Palette Path obj with surface editing Path obj without vertex or 3D widgets in OIP Colors in VectorWorks 2008+ Colours Converter tables Creating IFC Data Creating IFC Entities Dialogs ColorPicker Dialog (simple) Dialog with List Browser Dialog with tabs - simple Dialog with tabs and pull down menu Frame Generic Class-Layer dialog Generic Pulldown dialog (array of string) Generic Record Dialog List browser index quirks - PC Mac VW Preferences Script Dieter Geerts library, complete Events Index pitfalls ListBrowsers (Orso's delirious sandbox) MAC PC differences New VectorScript - BBedit or TextWrangler Object Types Commented Round Walls Run VectorScript - BBedit or TextWrangler Run VS from Clipboard Subroutines - Math VectorScript Performance VectorWorks File Types
  7. Dear all, I removed the archives, Vectorlab had been intensely spammed, there were links to bad sites. I'll re-wikify on Orso's page as soon as possible.
  8. Raymond, I can give you the LB library any time, you don't need that old article. Here is it as PDF, but it's barely readable. I just discovered that the web archives contain some really ugly links to bad sites! List Browsers article reworked Edit: deleted zip, added link
  9. Ciao Vlado, it's good to see you! for the moment I put the article as backup on Orso's talk page. I think that whenever I can I'll re-wiki it there.
  10. Hello, I put the reworked List Browsers Article here: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/User:CBM-c- Ciao, _c_
  11. My favourite feature on my favourite tool so far! I'll consider switching to VW 2020, then, for those projects not using the Callouts!
  12. Nice! Nikolay, this is VW 2020? Is it usable for all Plug-ins? I was trying to read values from some of the HVAC ones and they are stubborn.
  13. Hello Nikolay, is it possible to format real values? Example: active units is meters. I wish to display certain values in cm, with precision 0.00 It constantly takes the document units, and there seems to be no precision setting available. We are using data tags also as labels for the Spaces. This allows us to edit the Spaces without selecting them. It is a huge speed improvement. Again, here too we need to coerce precision and units. We really need some units formatting for Data Tags.
  14. Not resolved and I don't have the feeling that it ever will before me to retire. I cannot state loudly enough how this issue is annoying. An endless bucketload of inefficiency to get around problems.
  15. Thank you Zeno, ūüėÄ ... I just have been reproached that I speak a total mix between German and English! I think that we will do a common zero for the project. We must use the coordinates during IFC export, so, let's go for "common zero".
  16. Ciao Zeno, do you use a common Z for all buildings or every building has its own project zero? Accordingly, how do you set up the Reference Elevation in the Export IFC Project settings?
  17. Hello all, Vectorlab is now forever down. TWK, I can send you the List Browser article privately.
  18. Thank you Ruben, Good to know. I am considering splitting floor finish from structural slab. That would make our 2D much easier, since the structural engineers don't ever get to see them, but they could stay for display in plan, as we need. It is quite schizophrenic, all in all.
  19. Hello, we have the request by our planning partners to set slabs to the story above. It flips our wall/slabs settings. As architects, we usually see the slab below. What do you use? What do you prefer? Below a basic test floor as example
  20. Expanding, every Vectorworks user sees a Design Layer, whose elevation and wall height are set, as a storey.
  21. Ciao Wes, when layer-less levels where introduced I asked for storey-less levels. I don't understand why do we need storeys since we can simply map them during export.
  22. Storeys are not difficult to understand, but their interface in VW is. It is messy. There are too many cryptical alerts and levels appear/disappear in too many flavours, across various quirksome dialogs.
  23. What a suggestion, no please? No symbols. It is a nightmare to maintain -the various widths, the various vertical positions, etc. etc. I did try, I even had special symbols changing by layer scale, this far before the current implementation of "2D components". The 3D can be as it is, we need this in 2D scale 1:50 or so. Take the object of Archicad, that would do very well here.


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