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  1. There is as far as I can see no wish to support multi-file workflows. Positively discouraged. That pretty much kills the German Architect's needs, where we split content from layout. And no, we don't do it because we like complexity for the sake of it. We do it because there is no better way to manage our needs for appearance, archives and large project growth.
  2. Another gem that most people ignore, is that the Clip tool doesn't only clip. It also adds if you press the alt-key during the marquee. It is by far my favourite polygon edit tool. clipper tool.mov
  3. This we have already: keep the shift key pressed while using the polygon in "bucket" mode. At each click it will keep on adding to the generated poly and to whatever eligible geometry you have previously selected.
  4. Since no-one shared gradients yet, I wish to share these, made ages ago for personal usage. They represent Bisazza¬ģ (link) glass tiles and use their named colours. For those I also created the tiles themselves and the xml files for the color palettes. Edit: All files are VW 2021. Added some tiles using one of the gradients. The Tile file is just a subset, as example. The infinite variation between colours and fuge is best done with a tool on project demand, in order not to clutter the resources insanely. I do this with CBM-Tile Maker, while the list with squares is done with CBM-Demo Layers. Please note that I don't sell the tools, so this is not an ad, I develop and use them on need as part of my role as CAD-BIM-Manager. CBM-Tiles-Bisazza Smalto.vwx CBM-Grad-Bisazza Smalto.vwx CBM-Bisazza Color Palettes.zip
  5. Great to know, thank you so much, @tbexon!
  6. I am not getting any younger either, don't worry. I'll contact you on Saturday. I wake up around 3 AM and usually script until 10 AM or so. After that would be awesome.
  7. Paolo, you do know that there is no encryption afterwards, though? As far as I know, python plug-ins are more or less open to read with any text editor. There are a number of threads in this sense. Or is there a workaround?
  8. No, you can't. The round walls are in this state since ever. They are not prioritised and I doubt they ever will. If you are unlucky enough to have a project with round walls, just know that I deeply share your pain. It can get worse. You can have a project with a round walls and corner windows in them.
  9. Hello Juan, we do accept, volens-nolens, quite a lot of workarounds in VW, too many, if you ask me. But this was one of the true gems and worked easily enough, allowing to save a huge lot of time. Let this in its place until you have whatever you think works better. And no, this time it was't me filing the bug report. To all who don't know what this is about: In any Vectoworks before 2021, you wish to copy a sheet layer viewport from a document and paste it into another. You cannot do this directly. INSTRUCTIONS TO COPY-PASTE VIEWPORTS ACROSS FILES select one or more sheet layer viewports group copy the group paste it in the sheet layer of another file ungroup the viewports are there, but they are unnamed. IMPORTANT: give them a unique name in the Object Info Palette I did this since viewports existed and never had a corruption. BTW, I only had a handful of corruptions in all my two decades in VW and were related to symbols or bad textures.
  10. Please restore immediately the possibility to copy-paste grouped viewports between files. This existed since ever and is widely used. Taking this extremely useful feature away, with no better replacement of the same functionality, is senseless and very unwelcome. Tightening the rope around the current-document policy doesn't make it any more useful or attractive. The contrary, rather.
  11. John, I see now how my previous mail can be read in that direction, it was indeed my intention only to let you save the time and have a collaborator, or whoever, fight the learning curve of IFC and stories for you. I wrote that post on the way out and didn't realise immediately how tactless it sounds. BTW, it all gets much easier if you don't use story levels, they are the absolute PAIN. IFC does need stories but not story levels.
  12. John, yes. You will have to. I can help you in the weekend setting this up by Zoom. Mind, I have very little time, so I cannot follow you step by step afterwards. An idea: do you have a child or a collaborator who can take that over for you? Stories and IFC export is not easy or transparent.
  13. You can use the Redline Tool for marking in VW. You can use Solibri or BIMCollab if you export as IFC, and that is the really good way to mark up things "in 3D". Give it a try. It is THE world of mark up, it just doesn't have that name.
  14. So there are millions of workflows, apparently, where a plan is not a plan (=Grundriss), therefore you know how high the Architect is in the target list for VW. Somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd million? I have no idea.
  15. Germany here. It seems that now Archicad's yearly fee is cheaper than the one for Vectorworks EN, something that I support in form of two licences since a couple of decades, or just about. Vectorworks EN is the USA version, but more expensive. This is a game changer.
  16. @Rick Berge I am a practical person. As most here, I go for a healthy balance of disadvantages and advantages. For the moment I can generate nearly perfect plans in 1 click using classic top-plan viewports transfer the attributes across all files I need, simply importing the class attributes, 3-4 clicks, since I need various files with different outputs display this in any conceivable file through references. Crop it to needed size and scale and off you go. To achieve the same in horizontal sections, I must regenerate the section at each change, ??? clicks add some extra stuff to every symbol I have, ??? clicks add in annotation whatever is missing (loads of stuff), ?????? clicks do that across all viewports (sync problems, obsolescence problems) , ?????? clicks do that across files? ?????? clicks somehow fight the wrong stacking I am seeing now, what is that, then? Because I admit that I touched horizontal sections once and shrugged them off as useless 5 minutes later, so I wanted to try them better now. Still no go. ..... So I am all for new features when they bring me to more quality and/or more efficiency, but this achieves neither. I see it as an entertaining exercise and for the moment I happily create 1 extra class, if that is what it takes.
  17. LOL! In my dark past I developed a bot to read up fast infos from the Developer wiki. I should do one now for filing every day the same things to Computerworks.
  18. I just checked. I filed 169 wish reports since 2007, whereby many were bugs alright. I filed them as wish for politeness. Go figure. Of those 169, 14 are resolved, and not because I wished it, rather for other indirect reasons, such as tool dropped altogether. This year I saw a wish from 2008 being finally fixed (again indirectly): worksheet criteria access is back. I don't think that they fixed it because I asked. I filed 1523 reports since 2007.
  19. And for those who don't know it, there is pretty efficient way to do this and it works across files. Don't override the viewports, create a "plot-file", reference the needed source file and override classes for the whole document in this plot file. You can import classes from the class standards or any other chosen file. You'll never go back to overriding viewports but for the rare exception.
  20. Not directly a special group, but still a major source of troubles in the recommended workflow: class overrides whenever you have more than a handful of viewports. And any project lasting more than a few weeks will have a huge lot of viewports.
  21. I confide in Computerworks to push our needs affecting the core application. Rest assured that they don't listen to us, meaning you, meaning me, but they will listen to Computerworks as representative of a collective need. DACH. Who's loosing [edit: historical, long term] users because the core doesn't reflect our basic needs.
  22. Streamline edits in Special groups, don't add more to them. We are spending a senseless amount of planning time going in and out of special groups: in and out of slab modifiers, specially the 3D ones, in and out of symbols components (this is massive now) in and out of annotations in and out of live section elevations edits in and out of auto-hybrid in and out of extrudes along path in and out of simple extrudes and these special groups often combine... Whenever there is a plane-change involved, this is SO extremely cumbersome for the user. Example: edit 3D modifiers in a slab. It takes a huge lot of view changes, the environment is visible but not actually there, there is no snap.... Please collect user data and quantify these actions. Please do something to optimise it. Below a few screenshots illustrating typical "Special Group" issues. Slab: Editing the boundary is most times the preferred way, because you can still it directly, using the Reshape tool. A typical edit involves the cutter, though. But this adds modifiers... and if you are in a boundary [a special group] you can't snap. Inside the special group "Boundary" you cannot snap and you cannot see outside:


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