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  1. Searched the forum but couldn't quite find the answer. I am using Data Tags to easily drop onto a rectangle and show the Width x Height of the rectangle. That is pretty easy with "#ΔX# x #ΔY#". However that uses the bounding box and when I rotate a rectangle it won't keep the WxH from the OIP. Is there any way to grab the OIP dimensions in Data Tags? I have tried "HHeight" and a few other suggestions from the forum but nothing seems to be working.
  2. Ah, guess I should have been able to figure that out. Thanks!
  3. I figured the 'TotalWeight' was in KG but even that number has the decimal in the wrong place. 500lbs = 226.796 KG However on the worksheet shows 226,796.185 KG. Any ideas on that?
  4. I am trying to get the total weight of a distributed load in a worksheet. It shows 500 lbs in my OIP but when I use: ='BrxDistributedWeight'.'TotalWeight' and ='BrxDistributedWeight'.'DistWeight' I get some odd figures that are not close to 500 lbs. Am I missing something? File attached. Thanks! Total Weight.vwx
  5. I had the same problem with the Scale Bar, and I recently discovered the Dimension Tape. Way more sleek looking,
  6. Looking forward to it Scott, thanks!
  7. It would be cool if when applying a class to an object it automatically attach a record defined in class properties. Just like fill, texture, or stroke.
  8. Digging this one back up. I am trying to get the total weight of this column. I am able to strip away the 'lb' using Pat's formula above, however I can't total the column. I have tried: =SUM(G4.1..G4.4) However I don't think you can select sub-rows using the range symbol. Also tried: =Value(Substring(G4, 'lb', 1)) Obviously it just returns the '4.00' which is the count of the column. I can't find a way to only apply that to sub-rows. Any ideas?
  9. Searched the forum and couldn't find anything. I have a bunch of default instruments in spotlight that bring in some numerical data as text. ( 93lbs instead of 93). Rather than changing all of my records is there a way to strip out a string of text from a worksheet column? If I could remove 'lbs' and 'watts' and return only numerical data I would be in good shape. Thanks!
  10. Having the weirdest issue lately. All of the sudden all of my hoist label backgrounds have disappeared on all of my files. I have tried setting it in my classes and by selecting the label and adding a solid white background, still shows as transparent. Anybody had this issue before? If I remember correctly it was all working, and then I clicked "Refresh Hoist Symbols" and it erased them from everything. File attached if you want to take a look. MLS_Production_Basecamp_VW.vwx
  11. Awesome, thanks guys. My only problem now is that when I input a photometric grid everything is reading 0. Any advice on getting that working?
  12. I am trying to create a custom house light fixture, it's an Altman Downlight Chalice. I have imported the .dwg of it, converted it into a lighting lighting symbol. Now I want to use the Photometrics file that Altman provides which is an .ies file. I have looked all over and cannot find a way to import and assign that to a custom fixture. Anybody have any ideas? Or am I looking at this totally wrong?
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