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  1. Ah that was it @Tom W.! Thank you I never noticed that little dropdown there.
  2. Whoops, bad example since I can't spell. Still doesn't work with correct spelling.
  3. For some reason my search function always returns no results in 2022. Anybody else had this issue?
  4. Won't natively get that out of VWX. All that is done in post, like Photoshop with StarFilter Pro 4. Can also be done in After Effects, Nuke, etc. You can also get a PNG of a starglow and paste the Bitmap over the light on your sheet layers individually and change the colors of it.
  5. No idea. Also having the same problem here Screen Recording 2022-02-15 at 14.02.30.mov
  6. Thanks for the quick reply Josh, I am always placing Symbols so that makes way more sense. I've tried a few different combinations and either end up with a single symbol per row/column. Seems like I'm missing a simple step but for some reasons I just can't quite see my mistake. for row := 1 to rows do BEGIN for column := 1 to columns do BEGIN Symbol(ledTypeName,offsetX,OffsetY,0); END END
  7. Done some digging around and haven't been able to find a way to accomplish something like the Edit>Duplicate Array tool through Vectorscript. Currently I have: Symbol(ledTypeName,0,0,0); ledFrame:=FSActLayer; GetBBox(ledFrame,p1X,p1Y,p2X,p2Y); N1:=3; N2:=3; IF (ledTypeID<3) THEN BEGIN for i := 1 to N1 do BEGIN ledFrameDup:= HDuplicate(ledFrame,((p2X-p1X)*i),0); END; for i := 1 to N2 do BEGIN ledFrameDup:= HDuplicate(ledFrame,0,((p2Y-p1Y)*i)); END; END ELSE BEGIN message('SACO'); END; This gives me my 3 columns across and 3 rows down. I just can't figure out how to loop through and fill in each column.
  8. I have tried to incorporate the VWX21 Hoist Tool but it's just not quite there yet on a technical level. It's great for designs, showing spansets, etc. The fact that I can't easily swap hoist functions and add load weights in the OIP is a bust for me. For the time being I have still been using the legacy tools which can be added back in under Tools>Workspaces>Tools (not to state the obvious but I've ran across quite a few people that didn't know the legacy tools are still in there.)
  9. Hey Pat, 1. Do the 12mm symbols already exist or do you need to create them? All symbols already exist. 2. Are the symbol names all completely consistent? ie. does the 12mm part always occur in the same location (number of character or number of spaces from the beginning of the name)? Naming conventions are the same across all pixel pitches. Video Tile 9mm 2x1 Video Tile 12mm 2x1 Video Tile 6mm 2x1, etc 3. Are you always going to go from the 9mm to the 12mm? Or are there times you would want to go from 12 to 9? That makes it more complicated as you will need to do more work figuring our how to munge the string as the lengths will change. It will change, my plan was to do a PullDownMenu with all of the options that store it to a String. The clunky idea I had was to substring out the original symbol name ([1]Video [2]Tile [3]9mm [4]2x1) and swap the [3] string for the new pixel pitch. Then Concat them all back together. 4. Would you be willing to consider renaming all of the 9mm symbols to 09mm so that the changing part of the string is always the same length? That would not be a problem. Clearly very new to scripting so if changing the entire approach would be a better option and you'd have a direction to point me in I can do some digging. Maybe storing all sets of options to different arrays and swapping between those? array06[Video Tile 6mm 2x1, Video Tile 6mm 2x2] array09[Video Tile 9mm 2x1, Video Tile 9mm 2x2] array12[Video Tile 12mm 2x1, Video Tile 12mm 2x2] swap(array06[1], array09[1]) ? Thanks so much.
  10. Yes Batch Rename works great, I just need to replicate it via script as part of a larger project (plugin) I'm working on. Edit: Actually I lied, I think Batch Rename just renames the symbols in the Resource Browser. I need it to actually replace the symbols and their attached records.
  11. Been digging around but haven't found the best way to accomplish this, wondering if anybody has an idea. Basic goal: Find a replace style symbol swap, but only swapping part of the symbol name. i.e: OriginalSymbol = Video Tile 9mm 2x3 NewSymbol = Video Tile 12mm 2x3 However the "2x3" could be any range of variables, I just need to swap the "mm" type (which are all symbols in the resource browser). My original thought was to SubString each symbol and then Concat them back together but am having trouble with the exact syntax. Working off the script below. Thanks! PROCEDURE ReplaceSymbols; { 03 Jun 2017 - Raymond J Mullin. } CONST NewSymName = '9mm'; VAR NewSymDefH :Handle; function SwapSym(H :Handle) :Boolean; { swap symbol instance H with NewSymDefH } Begin if (GetTypeN(H) = 15) then SetHDef(H, NewSymDefH); { swap Symbol Definitions } End; BEGIN NewSymDefH := GetObject(NewSymName); { Handle to new symbol name } if (NewSymDefH <> nil) then ForEachObjectInLayer(SwapSym, 2, 0, 4) { Selected, Shallow, Editable Layers } else AlrtDialog(concat('Symbol "', NewSymName, '" does not exist. Check spelling.')); END; Run(ReplaceSymbols);
  12. Using Data Tags. Formula would be: #Light Position Obj#.#TotalHungWeight#
  13. Anybody had the attached issue when committing & releasing? I am unable to commit or release any layers I've edited. "Operating could not be completed because of the Priject File in the local Dropbox folder is not up to date". I've tried restarting and re-syncing dropbox. As well as creating new working files and committing them with no luck.
  14. Brilliant, thanks. Would there be anyway to select a Saved Preset Unit Setting? I don't see that anywhere in the VS Docs. If not this is plenty to get the job done. Thanks!
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