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  1. stevenmorgan94

    Schematic view - thoughts?

    I think it's got potential. But once they are generate you can rotate them around much faster than DLVP's just because it's only 2D information. My biggest problem with it is the time it takes to generate...To generate (30' truss w/ 12x fixtures = 2-4 minutes) however that may just be my machine. But it's driving me nuts.
  2. Searched the forum but couldn't quite find the answer. I am using Data Tags to easily drop onto a rectangle and show the Width x Height of the rectangle. That is pretty easy with "#ΔX# x #ΔY#". However that uses the bounding box and when I rotate a rectangle it won't keep the WxH from the OIP. Is there any way to grab the OIP dimensions in Data Tags? I have tried "HHeight" and a few other suggestions from the forum but nothing seems to be working.
  3. stevenmorgan94

    [Worksheet] Getting Total Distributed Weight

    Ah, guess I should have been able to figure that out. Thanks!
  4. stevenmorgan94

    [Worksheet] Getting Total Distributed Weight

    I figured the 'TotalWeight' was in KG but even that number has the decimal in the wrong place. 500lbs = 226.796 KG However on the worksheet shows 226,796.185 KG. Any ideas on that?
  5. I am trying to get the total weight of a distributed load in a worksheet. It shows 500 lbs in my OIP but when I use: ='BrxDistributedWeight'.'TotalWeight' and ='BrxDistributedWeight'.'DistWeight' I get some odd figures that are not close to 500 lbs. Am I missing something? File attached. Thanks! Total Weight.vwx
  6. stevenmorgan94

    Scale Bar

    I had the same problem with the Scale Bar, and I recently discovered the Dimension Tape. Way more sleek looking,
  7. stevenmorgan94

    People/Band Symbols

    Looking forward to it Scott, thanks!
  8. It would be cool if when applying a class to an object it automatically attach a record defined in class properties. Just like fill, texture, or stroke.
  9. stevenmorgan94

    Strip Text From Worksheet

    Digging this one back up. I am trying to get the total weight of this column. I am able to strip away the 'lb' using Pat's formula above, however I can't total the column. I have tried: =SUM(G4.1..G4.4) However I don't think you can select sub-rows using the range symbol. Also tried: =Value(Substring(G4, 'lb', 1)) Obviously it just returns the '4.00' which is the count of the column. I can't find a way to only apply that to sub-rows. Any ideas?
  10. stevenmorgan94

    Strip Text From Worksheet

    Thanks Pat! Kickass class this week at VWX Summit.
  11. stevenmorgan94

    Strip Text From Worksheet

    Searched the forum and couldn't find anything. I have a bunch of default instruments in spotlight that bring in some numerical data as text. ( 93lbs instead of 93). Rather than changing all of my records is there a way to strip out a string of text from a worksheet column? If I could remove 'lbs' and 'watts' and return only numerical data I would be in good shape. Thanks!
  12. stevenmorgan94

    Hoist Label Background Not Working

    Having the weirdest issue lately. All of the sudden all of my hoist label backgrounds have disappeared on all of my files. I have tried setting it in my classes and by selecting the label and adding a solid white background, still shows as transparent. Anybody had this issue before? If I remember correctly it was all working, and then I clicked "Refresh Hoist Symbols" and it erased them from everything. File attached if you want to take a look. MLS_Production_Basecamp_VW.vwx
  13. stevenmorgan94

    Importing Custom Photometrics .ies File

    Awesome, thanks guys. My only problem now is that when I input a photometric grid everything is reading 0. Any advice on getting that working?
  14. stevenmorgan94

    Importing Custom Photometrics .ies File

    I am trying to create a custom house light fixture, it's an Altman Downlight Chalice. I have imported the .dwg of it, converted it into a lighting lighting symbol. Now I want to use the Photometrics file that Altman provides which is an .ies file. I have looked all over and cannot find a way to import and assign that to a custom fixture. Anybody have any ideas? Or am I looking at this totally wrong?


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