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  1. Ah, that sorta actually makes sense. Thanks as always Pat!
  2. For some reason simple math isn't working in my worksheets when referencing database values. If I try to manually add cells together it works fine. Example attached, issue is on the "Sub-Total" column (F3). WorksheetMath.vwx
  3. Can you attach the file by chance?
  4. Good work so far, worksheets will change your life. You can reference other cells with =A2 or =Value(A2) "Grouping fields" would be called "Summarize Items". There isn't a great way to change a name. You could do a replace string, but I don't think that's a good approach. Typically what I do on fields that I don't like the name of is copy them all over to a "User Field" record and change them there. So copy over "Stock169' 'Dress Kit" to User Field 1 and change them all to something nicer "9'x 16' Truss Screen with Dress Kit". I always have to do that with lighting fixture modes since VWX pulls in the GDTF files with the stupid .lit extension. So I'll change "m1_48ch.lit" to "Mode 1 (48CH)".
  5. Bumping this. Higher res images would be a game changer.
  6. I believe you are looking for what are now called "Schematic Views"
  7. Looking for a solution when in Top/Plan view. I would like to be able to have different 2D geometry for a fixture that is yoke down vs yoke or a batten that is horizontal vs vertical. Right now I do this with separate symbols for each 2D orientation. Obviously 3D is simple because I can just rotate the fixture. I was hoping to accomplish this using Low, Medium, and High Level of detail in the Component Edit dialog while editing a symbol. Just make each level of detail a different orientation. This idea works except the only place I can choose which detail to see is in Sheet Layers. I would like to be able to choose this in my Design Layer as well. Is that an option at all? I may be missing something. Open to other ideas if anybody has a nifty way of solving this. Thanks!
  8. Is there a way in my Criteria Formula to choose the array of rows that get returned? For instance if I have 100 rows of data and I want to make 4x different worksheets. WS1) 1-25 WS2) 26-50 WS3)51-75 WS4) 76-100 It would be a nice way to breakup long worksheets compared to placing them in viewports and cropping them. Thanks!
  9. I feel like I'm missing something easy. I am trying to create an object that when you run it, let's you select a symbol, and then inserts that symbol directly below my Marionette Wrapper. So far I can only figure out how to give it coordinates which will always be different. Is there a way to retrieve the Wrapper XY and give it an offset to insert the symbol? SelectorDIST.vwx
  10. Like Scott said, Design Layer Viewports, Plot and Model View, or the new VWX 2020 Schematic View are all ways to achieve this. Also in VWX 2020 I believe you can rotate any Hybrid Object right in a Design Layer. As for the lights appearing in OpenGL, VWX is not a visualizer. It's a CAD software for paperwork, schematics, and technical drawings. I would concur that Vision is currently not even comparable to other visualizers. Many people's workflow, including my own is VWX for drawing and then send it over to Cinema4D or GrandMA 3D for some quick OpenGL style renders.
  11. I think it's got potential. But once they are generate you can rotate them around much faster than DLVP's just because it's only 2D information. My biggest problem with it is the time it takes to generate...To generate (30' truss w/ 12x fixtures = 2-4 minutes) however that may just be my machine. But it's driving me nuts.
  12. Searched the forum but couldn't quite find the answer. I am using Data Tags to easily drop onto a rectangle and show the Width x Height of the rectangle. That is pretty easy with "#ΔX# x #ΔY#". However that uses the bounding box and when I rotate a rectangle it won't keep the WxH from the OIP. Is there any way to grab the OIP dimensions in Data Tags? I have tried "HHeight" and a few other suggestions from the forum but nothing seems to be working.


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