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  1. Thanks. Did that. Can't seem to figure out how to rotate / pan -- What combination of buttons do you use? (the download say Rotate = 5, Pan = 4 -- but they're not working as such)... what are we missing?
  2. New to Twinmotion. Imported a VW model and can't figure out how to rotate inside of a room to see what's behind me -- on a Mac. Is the navigation limited to L, R, Up, Down? What am I missing...
  3. Thanks Pat -- (Layers and classes are all turned on to show/snap/modify) -- what do you mean 'the options'?
  4. The only way to select a wall, window, text is to 'force select' it -- what happened? Layers and classes are all turned on to show/snap/modify and we restarted the computer and VW2020... did we accidentally turn something on / off?
  5. Hello! Still Looking For Some Help? I am a one-man residential design & construction services office outside of Denver, Colorado. Reach your customers with professional imagery that truly connects and sparks engagement and effective follow-through for your builders. I specialize in: ● Thoroughness ● Honesty ● Gaining the trust of clients Spec Houses / Custom Houses / Floor Plans / Site Plans / Plot Plans / Sections / Structural Drafting / Electrical Plans / Demolition Plans Drafting / 3D Renderings / Exteriors / Sites / Landscaping /Interiors / Specifications / 27 yrs of Residential Design / Interior Design Professional with a track record in ranging from planning to project completion. Excellent team player. Can be trusted with the responsibility and stress that goes with the job. My business designs large scale custom homes (typically 2-3 projects/year -- design / interiors / construction services) Looking for solid side hustle to help you out and keep myself busy (I have consistent gaps in my business days/weeks while designs are with clients, plans are in building departments or zoning/HOA -- don't worry; I'd never take a job that I couldn't do or meet a deadline for either of us -- I love what I do and can manage making you successful) N. Lands landsdesign@comcast.net 303-665-1428 Elevator Addition, Sheet A5.pdf


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