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  1. Hello everyone,


    I am using a Symbol to define a feature in a Volume which repeats itself X number of times, this Symbol is being used inside different Symbols repeatedly. The Problem is the Symbol won't refresh unless i go inside of each sybol, only then it will refresh. Is there a way to have all Symbol instances refresh without having to go into-and out of each Symbol?


    Thank you!

  2. Hello and thank you zoomer


    I'm still struggling with this, I've set up a very simpe test file, same Problem here.


    -not a nested Symbol just a super simple 3D Symbol.

    -originally placed symbols are still there after update.

    -only the new (subsequent) copies are not appearing.

    -visibility of Instances is not a factor since all originals are visible


    any further help highly appreciated...



  3. Hello VW Community


    don't know if its a bug or feature, but, as the title says I'm missing subsequently duplicated Symbols on a send/update to Cinema .


    the original Symbol is still there on its unvisible null objekt, but the ones I am duplicating just wont show up, unless i uncheck send Symbols as render instances, which pretty much defeats their purpose.


    any help will be most appreciated!



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