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  1. Hello I am not able to move the text of a constrained linear Dimension while in rotated plan view. Only if i go to the non-rotated view can i move the text. Does anyone know how this can be done? or is this a bug that should be fixed? Thank you!
  2. important: need the data to go from the worksheet to the text field.
  3. hello, i'm trying to link a text field with a worksheet's cell value, is this somehow possible? thank you all! alan
  4. Hello everyone, I am using a Symbol to define a feature in a Volume which repeats itself X number of times, this Symbol is being used inside different Symbols repeatedly. The Problem is the Symbol won't refresh unless i go inside of each sybol, only then it will refresh. Is there a way to have all Symbol instances refresh without having to go into-and out of each Symbol? Thank you!
  5. hi zoomer, native is not working either: -first Export=everything OK -second Export,Symbols have been moved=OK but, if: -second+following Exports: Symbols have been duplicated=no more instances in c4d, they disappear. all of this in Native mode. cheers!
  6. Hi Selin and thank you! Native is Buggy too. Will resort to the classical methods which others are using here at the Office (sending bits and pieces instead of iteratively updating and/or just doing everything in c4d) thank you again! cheers
  7. Hoping this info helps a little further: moving the Symbols works fine: VW send to c4D: update fine. duplicating the Symbols not working: no update, no duplicated symbols/instances in c4D. seems as if the linking record for the Symbols/Instances gets just won't refresh to include the newer Symbols on update.
  8. Hello and thank you zoomer I'm still struggling with this, I've set up a very simpe test file, same Problem here. -not a nested Symbol just a super simple 3D Symbol. -originally placed symbols are still there after update. -only the new (subsequent) copies are not appearing. -visibility of Instances is not a factor since all originals are visible any further help highly appreciated... test_simple.vwx
  9. Hello VW Community don't know if its a bug or feature, but, as the title says I'm missing subsequently duplicated Symbols on a send/update to Cinema . the original Symbol is still there on its unvisible null objekt, but the ones I am duplicating just wont show up, unless i uncheck send Symbols as render instances, which pretty much defeats their purpose. any help will be most appreciated! alan
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