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  1. Laura, Have you et your 3D Conversion Resolution to 'LOW' ? It is in VW preferences, go to the 3D pane Not sure what else it might be.
  2. Currently the Elevation Benchmark tool only permits the use of document units. If the units are feet and inches, the elevation benchmark units will be in feet and inches. There is no option to choose meters, for instance. Dimensions have the ability to use secondary units. The stake object tool will allow users to choose units other than the document units. It is very important that this incredibly useful tool be changed to permit the use of document units and / or user specified units. In most drawings I produce I am required to use metric and imperial units. Vectorworks is very good this EXCEPT for this tool. I would like to see this tool able to display units other than document units.
  3. Hi John,

    Do you use the elevation benchmark tool in 2019 ?

    It seems to be broken. Not sure why. 


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    2. Btreen


      That's how I set drawings up too - Geodetic. There are issues with that too.

      Yeah, it seems this is document related. I see it more than one document though and I'm not sure what has changed to cause it.

      Strange. If I find out why, I'll let you know.


    3. John Meunier

      John Meunier

      Like wise, I will keep an eye out for it.

    4. Btreen


      It looks like they work in section viewports but not "elevation" viewports.

      This is new for 2019.

      What a waste of time



  4. I believe the line weights are being controlled by the class Annotations-Rail Set the class line weight to 0.13 and your handrail line weights should follow.
  5. I think it should be solid too. I have gotten used to it, to some degree, but I find the voids visually confusing. It looks like there is nothing there, not two things sharing the same space.
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