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  1. You CAN get text to wrap in link text fields with an extra step. The classic way is to type the text, w/ returns, in a text editting program, copy it, and paste it into the desired field for the symbol in the OIP Data tab. [ 05-14-2003, 01:48 PM: Message edited by: Antone Cepernich ]
  2. Select the symbol in the Resource pallet & click the Edit button, also on the Resource pallet. Select the Insertion Options to edit, and select No Wall Breaks in the pull down menu.
  3. Note on Send & stacking order: The Send Back, etc., commands work WITHIN a layer. If the item to send back is in a different layer in front of the covered item's layer, sending it back won't help. You would need to move the item's layer down in the layer stacking order, or put the item on a lower layer.
  4. Just as a note, you CAN make a symbol of a worksheet. Make your worksheet show on your drawing, select that instance, and make a symbol of it. This symbol can be work group referenced. I do it to put a door sched. on a different sheet than the floor plan, or to reference a sched. to more than one project. A minor annoyance is that when you open the referencing doc., you need to confirm replacement of the worksheet. You can also make your worksheet show on your drawing, copy that instance, and Paste As Picture, tho' I dont know if that picture will export to DXF/DWG. [ 04-23-2003, 12:14 PM: Message edited by: Antone Cepernich ]
  5. Just throwing this out, asI am on VW8.5.2, but I believe some later versions allow you to reshape the bottom of the wall, just like the top. (Please correct me if wrong). If the widest point of the dome is the same height all around, can you set the floor line of the wall at the elevation of the wide point, then reshape the top and bottom to fit the curve?
  6. Well, if the edge of the insulation deosn't need to be shown all bumpy, select the struc. section to be sprayed and use the offset tool w/ the thickness of insul. req. Fill or hatch and edit the resulting polygon as desired.
  7. Who cant read PDFs these days? Most software & hardware manuals and other info are distributed in PDF form these days. Do the people wanting DWFs have computers and/or software? (sorry for the rant)
  8. Does anyone know if the updater will update the non-printing, non-saving v10 Demo version?
  9. Oh, yeah. I am on 8.5.2 and this happens all the time. You have a group in a symbol, and enter the symbol to edit it. You then enter the group and make a change. When the program generates the change, it does not display it, but rather it displays a rectangle showing some other view of your document. The shape of the rectatangle depends on the extent of your edit. It's a display thing. Scrolling out and back to refresh the display often brings the correct image up (the edit has been made, but is just displaying wrong). A surer but inconvienient fix is to ungroup groups in symbols to edit them. I don't know if this has been dixed in newer versions.
  10. I'll add something. You can set classes to display differently in different files, so a class Walls, say, in file 1 (floor plan) can display as solid lines, while objects with the same class Walls in file 2 (roof plan) can display as dashed lines.
  11. I'm on 8.5.2, so don't know about more recent versions, but holding down the option key (Mac) while dragging shows a more detailed image. Pressing the option key before dragging copies the object. Pressing after you've started to drag shows the object w/o coping. Again, 8.5.2.
  12. What I have done in the past is to create the worksheet on the source document, and show it on a laver. Then select the displayed worksheet and make a symbol out of it. In the target doc, reference the source doc.and import the worksheet symbol, and insert it where you want it to display. When updating the target doc. you will be asked if you want to replace the worksheet - click yes. A small pain, but you can set the workgroups to update only manually.
  13. Should this not read "Dongle drOvers" "Git along little dongle, git along...) (sorry - weird day)
  14. Still can't get in as of today. Any more news?
  15. I used to frequently take a look @ the mailing list: http://lists.nemetschek.net/archives/vectorworks-l.html w/o joining - just to read. For a couple of weeks, I've not been able to - site wants me to log in. I don't want to join the mailing list; I just want to look in. Is it possible anymore. Anyone know about this? AC
  16. Matthew, the hidden preference for hiding lines has been around for a few revisions. Any idea when it might be un-hidden - set as a regular preference. Or are there some patent rights reasons for not doing it (ala ClarisCAD and Vellum)?
  17. Well, another way to fix(?) this is to ungroup each of the dimensions in the symbol. This turns it into a lot of objects (they can be immediately re-grouped for cleanliness). They won't distort when the symbol is referenced, and if they need to be changed, they can be deleted and new dimensions drawn)
  18. In other words, send your intersecting line back, then insert your symbol in the wall (in front).
  19. If you reference a drawing, you can import a symbol from that drawing, and it will update when you change the original.
  20. Under 8.5.2, the Save Sheet command also appears under the Page menu item, and your saved sheets can be found under menu item Windows/Script Palettes/Saved Sheets. These commands can be used with the scroll bars hidden. (No Edit Sheets, however). Do these menu items, or their equivalents, no longer exist in version 9.x?
  21. Don't know about v.9 and up, but the save reminder in 8.5.2 defaults to 'NO', and a good thing too. The reminder could always come up while the Move Page tool was being used to print a selected area of a dwg., and saving before a Revert could really foul things up. An autosave would have the same danger.
  22. Are the resistors symbols? You cannot scale symbols. You can do a Symbol to Group on them, then scale them, but they them lose their symboly-ness.
  23. You can also Ungroup the dimension and edit its elements, but then it will just be a group of graphic objects, if you don't mind that.
  24. As for the iso.s, when you have any active layer in any view (isometric, perspective, plan, whatever), select Align Layer Views under the View menu. This will change all of your layers to the same view as the active one.
  25. If you create a 2D symbol with 2 loci located horizontally, and insert the symbol in a wall, the wall will be cut between the loci, instead of the full width of the symbol. If you create a 3D symbol, with at least 3 loci in the front view, and insert the symbol in a wall (in 2D), a 3D hole will be cut in the wall of a shape outlined by the loci. Note: the shape will be convex - no inside angles.
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