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  1. I would love to see "curved" be added to the LED tool, as well as "Choose polygon for shape."
  2. I agree! Why not allow you to "Align to view" like you can with a Light object, then in turning on the light it goes... THAT WAY! (Crazy, right? Like in the real world...)
  3. I have a distinct, but possibly very personal, issue with having to use a middle mouse button for scrolling when there's no other way. I don't use a mouse. I use a Wacom tablet with the pen. Exclusively for all computer functions. There is no middle button, so I'd never be able to scroll. I also agree that hiding scroll bars just makes things confusing. I use Macs for some things and Windoze for others. And this hiding UI elements is unnecessary and annoying. OK. My 2 cents. Now back to your regular programming... Kevin
  4. There is a checkbox in the Blended Screen tool that allows for curved screens. I have found it difficult to make it do everything I might want, but it is there. YMMV!
  5. If you scroll dow n the OIP, you'll find the "Move" "Vertex" area. The bottom of this has the "Hide Next Edge" button. If you use the Vertex choice keys to get to the last vertex you want, then click the "Hide Next Edge" and the extra section will disappear. Hope this helps!!
  6. Use the Speaker Array tool instead, and it will create a speaker array, starting with the bumper, then up to 3 different speaker types. You can change angles between speakers as well as angling the bumper. The bumper becomes the attachment point for your rigging. Hope this helps!
  7. How about just being able to double-click the class, or layer, name and be able to edit it in-place, instead of a dialog box?
  8. If you place it inside the symbol it will need to have a transparent surface to let the light out. I just placed it a slight bit above the geometry so it was clear. You could eliminate some of the geometry to allow fr the shell to remain and your linear light to be within the shell. No one is really going to notice that the top of the fixture is "ripped" apart. Kevin Lawson
  9. Great insight! Thanks all!! Kevin Lawson
  10. I have also used a rectangle, converted to 3d poly, then Modify > Convert > Convert to Area Light... then tweek to preference. This way I have a controllable light from across the whole row of lights, and it approximates the real thing... sorta. Just my 2 cents! Kevin Lawson
  11. My apologies! I just looked and couldn't find it either. I made an assumption... D'uh!
  12. You can always add that to your Context Menu in Tools > Edit Workspaces
  13. While I'm from the US, I would like the ability to edit/custom create your own connectors. I'm from the video side of "entertainment" and find a LOT of connector types aren't there. We're not ALL lighting designers! Kevin Lawson
  14. I am one of those people who you are making this tool for! I work within Hotel and Exhibition spaces all the time, and since they usually start as big rectangles, there's no holes bared for what people do within those spaces! Having to layout a couple thousand seats is usual for me, and I would imagine anyone working in Vegas, Orlando, Chicago... and that's just i the USA. I'm glad to hear this tool is being improved, and I also appreciate the info from behind the scenes of your algorithms. Thank you for your work!! Kevin Lawson
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