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  1. kla_anders

    Repeat Command

    Is there a keystroke or script that will repeat the last command, which does NOT include the boomerang function? Thanks K
  2. kla_anders


    Hi Katie Thanks for the reply. I updated my graphics driver but am still having the same problem. I have discovered the exact keystroke problem. If you use the lasso tool and start to circle/marquee an area and without releasing your pen/mouse hit the 'x' key for selection. It leaves a lasso line. If you try and lasso again it will immediately shut down VWX. It may seem like an odd keystroke but I often hit the x key if I want to escape out of an operation (especially selecting an object that I know will take a while to highlight all the control points). In fact, I use 'x' between most functions. Haven't figured out the text issue yet but thanks for the advice. Kristen
  3. kla_anders


    Love the 11.5 upgrade! Couple of probs that seem to have remained- and not sure if this has already been raised. Does anyone else have problems with the lasso tool? It will often leave a lasso line that I can't delete. If I continue to use the lasso tool it shuts the whole program down. It seems to happen when I'm inside a group. VWX also shuts down sometimes when I'm editing some text using a different font. Ie. if the text is in say, helvetica, and I have preselected arial- if I then try to edit the old helvetica text it shuts down the program without warning!. Maybe it has it something to do with the way my fonts are split up for photoshop? I'm using windows XP professional service pack 2. AMD Athlon dual processor 1.8 GHz with 1.5 GB RAM any feedback would be greatly appreciated. cheers kristen
  4. kla_anders

    more crashing issues

    that was the problem! I deleted the hatch and hey presto! Why would one simple hatch cause so much grief?
  5. kla_anders

    Random Quitting

    it used to happen to me a lot also but I'm pretty sure it was an extensions problem. Ended up upgrading my OS.
  6. kla_anders

    more crashing issues

    thans Joe, but i've already copied the file into a new one and still no joy. I'm using Vwx 9.5.1. and have kept all my elements close to the origin. However I take your point about hatches..I have a new hatch that I've created but it's a very basic one...I'll try deleting this. kristen
  7. kla_anders

    more crashing issues

    have read the previous 33 messages re. crashing and can't seem to resolve the issue. My screen freezes when in the middle of zooming, panning, selecting, drawing 2d lines, and exporting images. I have 768Mb RAM with 300Mb allocated to VWX. I do not run other programs whilst using VWX. - OS9.2.2 with updated ATI driver.Have set 3d settings to lowest possible.One thing i have noticed is that occasionally before it freezes there will be some odd rotational toggling between pan, paper, and select when I press the apple command button with the caps lock on...and then it freezes. Also, when I'm exporting images-eg.jpg- it will freeze.I've walked away and returned some 10mins later.still nothing. Other times the same file and view will take less then 5 secs.Hope someone can help me. I'm losing a lot of work and time- as I don't use the save prompt (btw. I only have my undo set to 5 with no view saves). Even after restarting sometimes the files will lock up seconds later as soon as I try to pan! kristen
  8. would love to see a hidden line view that was purely the edge lines and not all the mesh and triangulation of solids. I do have renderworks and use it frequently but there are times when it makes more sense to view just as line work. eg. when you don't want to lose objects b/c of over or under lighting. also- copy to lines/polygons as hidden line also triangulates fills and takes a great deal of memory & increases the file size immensely.
  9. kla_anders

    layer linking

    too easy!wonder why it's not in the manual?thanks M. k
  10. kla_anders

    layer linking

    does anyone know if I can edit or remove layer links without having to delete the layers?
  11. kla_anders


    is there a way to section 3d objects, or view as hidden lines without getting the triangulation? My example at the moment are some intersecting tunnels with pipes that I need to show the curves at the intersections but I keep getting extra lines ....and it takes a great deal of time to delete all these lines.
  12. kla_anders

    section hatching

    How can I hatch a 3-d solid so that when I do a 3D or 2D section it wll appear with the hatch? Sounds simple...haven't found a simple answer yet.
  13. kla_anders

    printer scaling issues 9.5.1

    thanks for the tips. i don't know why i didn't just trash the desktop printer to begin with....always the simple things eh?
  14. Am having problems printing a number of files to our OceTDS400 since upgrading to VWX 9.5.1. Regardless of how I set the scaling and page setup, they keep printing out at 50% even though the page is the correct size. I am running OS9.1 using carbonLib 1.5 and Laserwriter Z28.7 I have tried lowering the resolution and have checked all the layers for scaling and transfer mode. The IT guys have found nothing wrong with the network and had no problems sending the same files from a Windows VWX 9.1. Any ideas?
  15. kla_anders

    viewports .dwg imports

    Have read various posts re. importing .dwg files and have found none that tackle the issue of viewports. How can I import viewports in a way that Vectorworks understands these. eg. as saved sheets?


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