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  1. Hi Chris, Here are some pointers... 1) Looks like your ambient lighting is up abit high and washing everything out, this might be hiding the effect of your glow textures? Try reducing the ambient lighting(or turning it off completely), and making your existing lights brighter, or adding more lights. 2) The little details add to the realism, like pulls on the cabinets, a towel hanging somewhere, electrical outlets, light switches, HVAC vents, fruit setting on the counter, etc. 3) Create the viewports on a sheet layer, then make a copy of that sheet layer and set the DPI to something low like 25 DPI. set all the quality settings to low, turn off displacement mapping. Use these viewports to tweak the lighting settings to get the effect that you want, your rendering times will be much shorter. Then crank up the quality and DPI settings. 4) In the reflection of the backsplash, I can see there are windows in the room. Try this... Use a helidon, crank up the brightness, and edit the glazing texture of the glass in the window, indirect lighting options, and check portal. Adjust the helidon so the light shines in thru the window and onto the wood floor, it will reflect in the room and give the room a nice warm color.
  2. Very nice, care to share your settings?
  3. I think this might be the one, also from Stephan. Was posted to the Beta list on 4/1/2015.
  4. Something else you may want to try is to set the reflectivity on the glass texture to glow, and set a slightly yellowish color for the glow. That will make the glass appear brighter, like it is lit up. Turning on soft shadows for the light will give you a nicer shadow on the ground, and might even make the shadow cast by the vertical supports on the light box disappear. lamp_post.vwx
  5. Have you tried setting the texture that you use for the lamp post to not cast shadows?
  6. Hi ronbjr, Have you tried using the fit walls to objects command under the AEC menu? That will create the peaks for you automatically, once the roof is in place. Just draw the walls, place the roof, then use the "fit walls to objects" on walls where you have gables. Or as an alternative, you can go into the roof settings, and check "show wall" where you are using gables.
  7. Are you using the depth of field in the Renderworks camera? If so, what F-Stop setting? If you use something low, like f/4, and set your focus distance to where you want your subject to be, or roughly the center of the room, it will give a nice subtle blur to objects in the foreground and background without hurting the rendering time much. Make the light coming in from outside abit stronger, add some lit fog to your background, and I think it will add abit more realism. Lit fog will hurt your rendering time though. To dial it in more efficiently, duplicate your existing viewport and keep all the settings, then crop the duplicated viewport down to a very small area that just has the area impacted by the lit fog, like where the sunrays will be.
  8. Nice renderings, thanks for sharing! About how long did these take to process?
  9. I drew my leaf to the exact size that I needed, but I tried it and it does scale, it just stretches. custom_door_leaf_scaling.vwx
  10. I just encountered this myself, and I think it was because I did not set the insertion point to the bottom center of the door. Hope this helps someone else!
  11. Hi Arliss, Its there, you just need to go deeper into the /Resources/installer folder. Did you try running the command line in Jim's post? Try running it without the sudo in front the first time, if you get an error that you need the sudo, add it in. Let me know if this works for you. Mike
  12. Hi Eric, Have you tried simplifying the source polygons? Try these steps... 1) Right click on the site model, and select edit source data. 2) Use the select similar tool to select all of the 1934 3D polygons in the site model. 3) Modify > drafting aids > simplify polys 4) Use a maximum deviation of 12". 5) Go into the site model settings and change it to use modifiers on all layers. Its a big site model with alot of vertices, but after doing this I was able to regenerate the site model in about 5 minutes on my windows PC. Without simplifying the 3D polys, I waited 20+ minutes and it still was not done. Hope this helps!
  13. I have encountered something similar, where I will go thru a process of tweaking a viewport rendering, like changing a texture or light, then re-rendering to see the result. Sometimes when I go back to the viewport and update it, instead of taking a minute or two to render, just a few seconds go by, and then a white or black viewport will appear and the rendering is done. A workaround that I have found to get me out of this state without having to close and re-open the file is to change one of the renderworks settings. For example, I usually render with custom renderworks, and I have found that changing the curved geometry setting will break it out of this cycle and my renderings will start working again. Mike
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