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  1. Hi all, Ive just read through this entire thread in the hope that someone knows how to TURN OFF AUTO CLASSING. There is only one option shown which is: However this option doesnt seem to exist in VW 2016. Does anyone else know how to turn off auto classing??? Cheers
  2. Hey Andy, Sorry for the late reply to your answer, I didnt get a notification. Somehow, with the same show file, the problem fixed itself. I wish I could explain it, but I cant. Thanks for your reply, and I will try that in the future if I come across the issue again! Cheers, Daniel
  3. Hi there, I am experiencing an issue with my Attributes Palette. It has shown up in a file that I have been working on for a few weeks, without issue. I double clicked the palette (As I store it on screen, but closed until i need it) and it looked as per the attached image. So I cannot change line colour, which is my main annoyance right now. If you know another way, that would be great! There is the line weight option still there, sneakily hidden under the fill symbol. I have tried closing the palette and re opening. I have closed and re opened vectorworks. No wins... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Cheers, Daniel
  4. Hi Mike, I am using design layers. All are set to 1:50. If i import a venue DWG, or if I start from scratch, the same issue is appearing. This has not happened before the last Service Package i just realised. I dont know if they correlate or not though.. Cheers, Daniel
  5. Hey all, Come across a label legend issue that I cant quite figure out. For some reason when I create a new label legend and go to Edit the Layout, the text is set to 300pt and any shapes I have wanted to use (circle around channel number) either don't show up at all or are incredibly small. If I change the font size to a normal size, it cannot be seen in the plan. When utilising the label legend with the new default of 300pt, the text is readable on the plan, but the control over the layout is much harder to be precise with. I still don't have the shapes showing up though. Does anyone know why this would have started happening? I have not changed any defaults that I am aware of. Cheers, Daniel
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