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  1. Katie, What do I if it's a corrupted object? Can I copy & paste everything into a new drawing file? Dave
  2. Katie, Thanks for the reply. One thing though, I only had one file open when the runtime error happened. Is there a patch available for VW 9.5.x? If not, this is a bit disappointing - it's going to cut my productivity. Thanks, Dave
  3. I'm running VW 9.5.2 on a Pentium 4 PC with Win2000. When I tried to change the fill colour of an object through the attributes palette, VW gave me a runtime error. I noticed a few other posts with this error, but relating to having 2 or more files open. My error happened with one file open, and more bizarrely, it wasn't happening yesterday with the same drawing AND I had multiple drawings open. I've restarted now several times but it is still happening in various different files. I can work around this by setting up a different class. Is there a fix for this, please. Thanks Dave
  4. Marc, Thanks for the link - lots of useful info. Regards David
  5. Katie, Good morning. Thanks for that - I'll give it a go.
  6. Katie, Sorry if I've not made myself clear. We are running VW 8.5.2 on PC's. I am looking to print A1 size drawings at A3 size to a HP Deskjet 1220. I understand that it not possible to directly print an A1 size drawing to A3 i.e. scaling the drawing within VW, down to A3. This comes from colleagues - since I only have 6 weeks experience on VW. From your reply, I assume that the above is possible in VW 9. Regards.
  7. Matthew, That cleared the unwanted classes. However, when I re-opened the file, it added '-0' to all the remaining classes. Regards.
  8. A quick question. We plot VW 8.5.2 files to a HP 750C Plus using Jet Direct. File sizes range from around 500Kb to 1.5Mb. The file size on Jet Direct is massive i.e. 74-90Mb. Is this a function of VW or the HP plotter? The main problem is the time taken to plot, as well as the occasional loss of the file during plotting. Cheers.
  9. We print our drawings at A1 and occasionally A0. Would it be possible to include a 'Window' feature similar to ACAD to print drawings? Currently, to print an A3 version of our drawings (as requested by clients and site managers), we convert the VW file to a pdf. The problem there of course is that this creates additional files on our server, as well as the potential for issuing out of date information. I'm sure other users have probably requested this before. My apologies if this has already been covered or amended in VW 9 Cheers.
  10. Matthew, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, we don't have a previous version available. How about if I copy & paste the the file contents to a new template? Will that clear the problem? regards.
  11. I'm using VW 8.5.2. and have come across an annoying problem with classes. When creating a new class, VW will duplicate this (and occasionally triplicate it!). When I try to delete the offending extra class, all the classes with that name disappear and are replaced by a class with a blank name which is not removeable. I alos tried to purge the classes. This has one of two outcomes.1. The two (or three) classes come back, or2. The number of blank classes double On the plus side, other than being annoying, this doesn't seem to cause any other difficulties. I have seen a couple of posts regarding this bug, but I am not aware if there is a patch available. Any ideas, please? Cheers.


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