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  1. There is a vectorscript example on the Nemetschek site for creating a custom dialog to align selected objects. http://www.nemetschek.net/support/custom/vscript/example.html The script demonstrates how to set up a dialog and use a resource file but the initial procedure and function definitions relating to bounding boxes and moving the objects, respectively, should get you started. HTH, -juno
  2. I am having trouble getting CreateEditTextbox to accept any entries in the dialog window. The arrow cursor turns into the text tool when inside the box, but the cursor never appears when I click and nothing shows up when I type on the keyboard. I've substituted CreateEditText and it works fine, but I would like to use a multi-line box. Any help would be appreciated. -juno
  3. Juno


    Is it possible for a PIO to delete itself from within its own script using DelObject? I've not been successful and I assume the object must exist while the script is running. Thanks, -juno
  4. Juno


    Unfortunately, the lines can have a variable number of entries. The StdReadLn is a possible solution but you are right, it is a pain. EOLN seemed like a simple answer but it doesn't work the way I expected it to, unlike EOF. Thanks for the suggestions, -juno
  5. Juno


    Hello Has anyone had any experience with the EOLN command? I have a tab delimited text file and EOLN appears to view the tabs as carriage returns. Is there a different delimiter I am supposed to use? Thanks, -juno
  6. Juno


    Interesting alternative, but since I need '01' strings as well, I think I'll kill two birds with one stone and surround every cell entry with single quotes and strip them out before exporting. Thanks for the suggestion. -juno
  7. Is there a way to enter a string into a worksheet cell using SetWsCellFormula, without the result being calulated? I would like to enter the strings '12-15' and '01' into two worksheet cells but the contents become '-2' and '1' respectively. I have tried to define the entire worksheet as contraining strings using : SetWSCellNumberFormat(WShandle,1,1,rows,columns,4,0,'',''); but to no avail. Thanks, -juno
  8. Juno

    object lock status

    I hadn't switched by browser bookmark from VectorScript Function reference for V9.5, which didn't have index #700. D'oh. I wonder what other commands I haven't been using? Worked fine. Thanks, PeterT. -juno
  9. Is there a way to determine if an object is locked from within a script? I couldn't find a search criteria for locked objects and I would like to exclude them from a ForEachObject procedure. Thanks.
  10. Juno

    Resourse String

    John: I'm not very familiar with resource files. However, I was able to create a STR# resource file named "test.rsrc" using resedit, which I saved to the plug-ins folder. The resource ID for my file was 128 and the following code displayed an alert dialog containing the first string in the string resource list. PROCEDURE restrng; VAR dialogok:BOOLEAN; textitem:STRING; BEGIN dialogok:=SetVSResourceFile('test'); GetResourceString(textitem,128,1); AlrtDialog(textitem); END; Run(restrng); HTH, -juno
  11. Thanks Raymond. I am confused as to why the T=SPRDSHEET criteria exists at all unless it is treated differently for counting. I did notice that worksheets are "off to the side" as "objects", even when placed in the drawing. So much to learn... Much obliged, -juno
  12. Hello. The following line, ForEachObject(GetHandle,T=SPRDSHEET); does not seem to recognize the worksheets in my drawing, although other object types like RECT trigger the procedure. Is my object type name incorrect for worksheets? Is there a way to search by object type #, e.g. 18 for worksheets? Thanks, -juno
  13. Juno

    Duplicating PIOs

    Thanks Jason. Good to know about duplicates not being a new object. Regarding Message(GetLName(GetLayer(Ohandle))), I got a new layer creation for the duplicate and 0 for Message(GetLayer(Ohandle)). I still might be doing something wrong but it points me in a different direction for the code. Thanks for the help.
  14. I have the following script within a PIO. The purpose is to determine if the object being drawn is being created for the first time or just being redrawn. ------------------------- bool1:=GetCustomObjectInfo(Oname,Ohandle,Rhandle,Whandle); bool2:=IsNewCustomObject(Oname); {a new object is assumed to be on the active layer} {so for a regenerated object, make its layer active} IF bool2=FALSE THEN Layer(GetLName(GetLayer(Ohandle))); -------------------------- The problem is when I duplicate the object using Duplicate Array... The new (duplicate) object reads as existing (bool2=FALSE) and even though the object handle contains a valid value, GetLayer(Ohandle) returns zero. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, -juno
  15. Juno

    Get File Path

    Is there a way to get the file path of the currently active document? GetFName only returns the name and GetFolderPath does not provide this as one of the selectors. Thanks.


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