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  1. holstarc


    When rendering with Custom Radiosity I'm getting different solutions when i use the batch render then when i render on screen and export the file. The settings are exactly the same, I've double and triple checked? Any thoughts? The batch render light solution is much brighter, and probably more accurate, but i wonder why they would be different. Thanks Kevin G5 OS10 VW12.0.1
  2. I'm trying to guage everyone's preference for getting images out of renderworks... There are several ways to get an image, render on screen and export image file, render bitmap, and batch render. Which do people seem to prefer to get in-process images out for others to view. I've always though the batch render would be fastest, but am not so sure. I'm running a single 1.8 ghz G5 w/ OSX 10.4.3 and 2 gigs ram, but nothing seems fast enough. -kevin
  3. My office has recently redsigned our identity, With that we now have a new logo for our title blocks. Unfortunatley when i export that new title block to send to our consultants VW reverses the colors of the imported file... The file I have imported is a tiff, and when VW exports it creates a bitmap of the images within the file, this bitmap is reversed. ie, it's on a black background instead of a white background! Any idea would be greatly appreciated. I can of course send the tiff file to my consulatants seperatly and have them construct the title block, but it woiuld be easier if i didn't have to. I am running VW 10.5.1 on OS X 10.3.5 1.8g G5, 2g ram Thanks in advance.
  4. holstarc

    Image Props

    For some reason, an image prop if taken from one drawing to another (a tree) is not rendering in the new drawing....i'm using the same final quality renderworks mode...i've also tried creating a new image prop with the same image and mask, but i'm getting the same thing, simply crossed planes, no image...any ideas? Thanks Kevin VW/RW 10.5 Mac G4 w/ 1.12G ram
  5. Thats's interesting, i guess i assumed since i saw it on the screen it would be there on export....I'll have to try a quick batch render. Thanks becki. kevin [ 12-16-2003, 12:50 PM: Message edited by: holstarc ]
  6. and if i could figure out how to post an image I'd show you what i'm talking about....but i can't. Kevin
  7. Katie, I'm using final quality renderworks.... kevin
  8. holstarc

    Image Props

    i'm creating image props of people in an interior environment, but unfortunatley those pesky 3d locus points keep showing up at their feet, is their a way to turn those off when you render. Thanks Kevin G4 350mhz, 1.12g of ram, VW/RW 10.1.2
  9. Nicholas, it appears that that is exactly what's happening....unfortunately with a brick pattern i can't really change the scale to remove the moiree pattern....any thoughts on how to alleviatte this problem or how to work around it? thanks for your help Kevin 350mhz G4, 1.12Gb Ram, OS 10.2.6, VW/RW 10.1.2 kvalk@holstarc.com
  10. while trying to render a realistic wood floor texture i'm getting round scalloped shapes while standing back from the surface....If i'm close enough to the texture it will render properly, but as I pull back to get more of the scene or for an overall shot, the horizontal pattern turns all scalloped. now i'm assuming that this is from the lighting i'm using, since i've tried to create this texture a number of ways including building each induividual board of a wood floor.....anybody know what 's wrong with my lights....I've got sample images i can send, but it looks like i'm too dumb to post the images....i've been testing since my original post and I've tried a variety of lighting techniques as well as different texture reflectivities to no avail.... Thanks Kevin kvalk@holstarc.com [ 10-29-2003, 07:49 PM: Message edited by: holstarc ]
  11. well, i tried a jpeg format vs. pict, but that didn't work either.
  12. Yes, i changed the format to a pict file...but that hasn't caused problems before...I'n rendering in Final Quality Renderworks at 300dpi, 2400 x 2400pixels...like i said it works on another machine....I've also upgraded to VW 10.1.2 and that hasn't helped....maybe i'll try JPEG to see if that works or not.
  13. No, I don't think so, would this cause a problem if i did? I'm currently downloading 10.1 and 10.1.2 for VW if this will help.
  14. I'm running VW 10.0.1 on a 800mhz G3 Ibook w/ 640Mb of ram and OSX. I have successfully used the batch renderer many times before, but suddenly it won't work correctly....it goes through the motions, but in the end there are no files in the folder, and no error report? The same file will batch render on my G4 350mhz OSX machine at work....but i'm trying to multi task it it ain't working? Any thoughts? I've tried creating a new file...cut and paste but i get the same problem, it happens when rendering two images or ten. should i reinstall?
  15. Hello, we are about to start printing vectorworks files out of house on a larger scale(bigger projects) and am wondering what vectorworks recommends as the best way to do this? Is it using the VW10 viewer or pdf files...or something else? We are running VW10 on Macintosh, i'm assuming the printers will be using PC's....Thanks in advance.
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