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  1. Cool Dave. I'll give it a shot. How does it decide which order to number the objects? left to right or ??? JS
  2. Your right about it being a record field attached to a symbol. I would want to select them manually (by using the select tool). I don't know how to "count them". Could it count left to right? I'm not sure how that would work. JS
  3. CONT... I am a beginner so the solution needs to be geared for beginners ;-) JS
  4. I need to number ( and then renumber/revise numbers) of couple hundred symbols all linked to the same database. Is there already a good solution out there? Thanking in advance... JS
  5. Thank you for the insight and help. JS
  6. Thank you. Your right it is a bit confusing, but I will try read a bit about each procedure in the manuals and try to figure it out. If anyone would like to start me with a little explanation about the structure (i.e. procedures, {*} symbols, loops, etc) in this example, it would be welcome. Thanks again. JS
  7. I have been trying to understand and begin some rudementary VectorScripting. I am trying to change data associated to a symbol. I have found the two following commands and have gotten the first one to work. I can't figure out the handle thing, I thought it was the 'GetHandle' command, but found it was obsolete. Any guidance??? SelectObj(S='TitleBlock');SetRField(?handle?,'TitleBlockInfo','DrawingDescription','ProdLayout');
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