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  1. As the title says, when scrolling down in the Organization window (i.e. Classes, Design Layers, Sheet Layers, etc.) The Header row does not stay locked to the top of the window. VW Header Video.mp4
  2. It would be nice if the "Saved Views" window could be dockable.
  3. When VW is not in fullscreen mode, when i swipe to another desktop on mac osx (10.11.6) VW moves to the current desktop. I essentially can't use multiple desktops unless VW is in full screen mode.
  4. As stated above when I have a Viewport on a Sheet layer and that viewport has (in Advanced Properties) a line weight scale of 0.25, and I add a data visualization to that viewport... the lineweight of the Data Visualization is plotting at full linewight (not scaled) when I print. Since the data visualization is happening inside the viewport, I would expect all of the scales (line-weight, etc.) to scale with the viewport.


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