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  1. Thank you so much for this! I didn't know about the filter nodes. They make a lot of sense for what I was trying to do. This method of arranging the objects also makes way more sense than trying to create mulitple objects and the deleting duplicates at the end of the network. As far as the resource issue, I was missing the Convert to Plug-In Object step. I've changed some small things with the network to match my needs a little better, and I only have one last question. I want to adjust the text justification based on which arrow style is selected. I know how to link the popup node to the Horizontal Justification input of the text properties, but I'm having trouble with getting it to do anything. It seems as though changing the justH value (even manually) doesn't actually do anything to the text. Am I missing something obvious? Position_Label_Combined.vwx
  2. Hi@sbarrett, Thanks for the popup node. I'm having trouble getting the dropdown list to change in the OIP. I can edit the node, but the changes don't seem to affect anything being displayed. I'm also not sure how to incorporate the popup node into this network for the functionality I'm looking for. How do you suggest that I incorporate the Get Rectangle Node into my script? Is there a solution to my insertion question? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi everybody, I'm trying to create a custom lighting position label using marionette. I have a label that I have been using, but it's just a group of objects that I have to edit when I want to change the text. My goal with the scripting was to create an object that would scale by itself based upon the length of the entered text. I also wanted to be able to select from a dropdown menu where on the object an arrow would appear. Finally, I want this to be insertable as a type of plugin object or something similar. At this point I have achieved the first goal, but not the second or third. I have two questions: How can I get the dropdown menu behavior? I want to have one script that I can change options on rather than five different styles that I have to choose from. How can I turn this script into a resource that I can insert into a drawing from the resource browser rather than having to copy and paste a marionette object multiple times. I have attached a file with what I have created so far. It also has some of my original labels in it as visual reference, and my attempt at a combined object. Thanks for any help! Position_Label.vwx


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