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  1. Gotcha, and duly noted! Thanks for the update!
  2. That's interesting. What version are you using, and what are your system specs? And how many objects are you moving? You could try cutting/copying all of the objects, making a new Design Layer, and then pasting. Let me know if that works any differently for you. I'm on a MacBook Pro (and VW2017 SP2), and just did it with 240 objects. There was about a 5-10 second delay though, which is understandable; that's a whole lot of calculations. Hope to hear more on this soon!
  3. This will probably sound like a dumb response, but what happens if you increase the custom crease angle (to like, 180)? Will those hard edges still remain? Also, was that made in Marvelous? Looks pretty good! Have you tried increasing the polygon count in Marvelous before exporting?
  4. That's so cool! I've never seen that hardware/software before, am looking forward to seeing how it meshes with your workflow. I've had fairly good results with importing 3DS and OBJ files, and it looks like Artec3D can export OBJ files. I'd try that out first. Scaling may be an issue, so you may have to play around with it to see what works best for you. Hope that helps!
  5. Hi Jan, and hope I can help! What exactly are you moving? If it's just simple 3D geometry or symbols, I have some suggestions. You can always copy and paste (using ctrl+c or command+c) and then paste in place (ctrl+alt+v or command+alt+v), and then move accordingly. The duplicated items will be placed in the same place, and be selected, so you can move and press tab to select how far you want to move them specifically. You could also use the Offset tool (in the basic palette set, shortcut key is shift+-), and change the preferences to duplicate and offset the item you're moving. Apologies in advance if I misunderstood what you were trying to do. Let me know if that helps, and have a great day!