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  1. Sam Jones, When I make the Hoist Tool Text large enough to read on my plot it begins to overlap. Is there any way to move the text fields so this doesn't happen. Kudos on a great tool by the way. Cheers! Greg Persinger
  2. DWHarper, I am currently using a GCC Elite XL20/1200 for 11x17 prints and I love it. I am still on OS 9.2.2 so I don't know about OSX yet but I am upgrading in a week so I guess I will find out. The printer is true postscript and very easy to network to a MAC. It has 35 fonts resident in ROM but you can set the driver to upload any missing font to the printer. This means if you are printing a file with a font the printer doesn't have it will upload it to the printer as long as you have the postscript font in your computer. I would highly recommend looking at this solution. Also I am sure that GCC can tell you about OSX compatibility. Hope this helps. -Greg
  3. Katie, Thanks for your reply. I kind of assumed I should ignore all but the DWG file but why am I getting the error message? Any thoughts? -Greg
  4. Hello Vectorworks users, I need some help importing AutoCAD 2000 files into Vectorworks Spotlight 9.5.2. First I am a lighting consultant and designer that started my "drafting" (I use the term drafting very loosely) career on Minicad 6 upgrading to the current VW Spotlight 9.5.2. Having said that, the reason I am a Vectorworks fan is that it runs well on my Mac and Spotlight is very easy for me to design without having to be a draftsman. Unfortunately as my business has evolved it has pulled me into designing for new buildings and more into the world of architects and engineers. Normally I get DWG files emailed to me and I open them with no problems, today I got sent a file with a bunch of AutoCAD "junk" that I have never seen before. The files are as follows: acad.fmp AIA(256) Scale 96.ctb architxt.shx ARIALBD.TTF ltypeshp.shx romans.shx Sections Master.dwg Sections Master.txt simplex.shx txt.shx The text file gave the following instructions: ================================= Transmittal Report Created by AutoCAD eTransmit 01:35PM Monday, November 04, 2002 Drawing This is a transmittal based on Plans Master.dwg Notes Floor Plan Master Files Root Drawing G:\2001205-00\A\7-CD\Plans Master.dwg AutoCAD Font Map References C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3\support\acad.fmp AutoCAD Compiled Shape References C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3\support\simplex.shx C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3\fonts\txt.shx I:\hand.shx C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3\support\ltypeshp.shx I:\x-hand1h.shx I:\architxt.shx C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3\fonts\romans.shx TrueType Font file References C:\WINNT\FONTS\FUTURAL.TTF AutoCAD Color-dependent Plot Style Table File References C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3\Plot Styles\A_Martha's Laserjet.ctb AutoCAD Plotter Configuration File References C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3\plotters\Martha_s LaserJet.pc3 The following files could not be located: L:\LIDE\AERIAL\aerial_1.tif Conversion All drawing files were converted to AutoCAD 2000/LT2000 format. Notes for distribution .SHX fonts Please copy these fonts to the AutoCAD Fonts directory and check with the font manufacturer about distribution rights. Fonts supplied with AutoCAD are freely distributable. .TTF fonts TTF fonts must be registered with the Operating System. To register, copy these files to the system fonts folder or use the fonts application in the Control Panel. Check with the font manufacturer about distribution rights. Fonts supplied with AutoCAD are freely distributable. .PC3 printer configuration files Please copy these files to the AutoCAD Printer Configuration Search Path directory ..CTB/.STB plot style tables Please copy these files to the AutoCAD Plot Style Table Search Path directory. The AutoCAD variable FONTALT was set to C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3\support\simplex.shx Please make sure that the FONTALT variable is set to this file or an equivalent before opening any drawings. All text styles with missing fonts are automatically set to this font. ================================== When I try to import the DWG file Vectorworks gives me a "Critical openDWG error. You will be given an opportunity to save each open file which has been modified." After going through the save dialog VW shuts down. Questions: 1. What did I get sent? 2. Is this an X-ref type of file? 3. Can I open it with Vectorworks and if so how? 4. Would an upgrade to VW 10 help me? 5. If I need to get a new file sent how do I communicate what I need done in AutoCAD to the originator of the file so that I can read it. I?m sorry this post is so long but I know very little about AutoCAD and I am looking for some guidance. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Greg Persinger System Info B&W G3 192M RAM OS9.2.2
  5. Matthew, Thank you for your opinion. I have heard many people say that the pen is easier on your wrist than the mouse. Also the wacom pad is more accurate than the standard mouse. Did you find this to be true? Maybe I need to look into a better mouse. Thanks. Greg Persinger
  6. Hello, Are there any VW users using Wacom Intuos graphics tablets as their input device in place of a mouse? If so I would like to know what size tablet you are using, if the quickpick buttons on the tablet help you, if you would recommend my purchasing of a tablet and any tips and advice you have. Thanks. Greg Persinger
  7. Fernando, I recently purchased a large format laser printer built by GCC Technologies. It is an Elite XL20PPM 1200dpi and will handle paper sizes up to 13" x 20". It only prints in black and white but will print at a full 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. I use it to do 11" x 17" lighting plots with VW Spotlight and love the speed ease and quality. It is a true postscript2 printer and is both Mac and PC compatible out of the box. Ethernet is built in and you can add an optional hard drive for the built in print server. They are located at GCCtech.com if you are interested in checking it out. Hope this helps you.-Greg
  8. Hello, Thanks to all who responded, all the information was a big help. The ratio's did the trick. Greg
  9. Hello, I have been using Vetorworks Spotlight for about a month now with few problems. Last week I got sent a Auto-CAD file with an odd scale. I can import the file without problem but I would like to be able to draw in a new layer in the original drawings scale. The scale of the original drawing is 3/16. Is the best way to handle this drawing to re-scale the drawing to a scale that VW supports? Thanks for your help.Sincerely,Greg Persinger


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