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  1. The ability to import and export Saved Views like a resource would be extremely useful.
  2. Hi Pat Stanford. Unfortunately, I'm not asking about Viewports, I'm asking about Saved Views. Will Grouping, Copying and Pasting Viewports into anew file import Saved Views?
  3. Thanks bcd but that doesn't help pass views from file to file. It also doesn't help with any view that is set up after using the cloned template, and most views are set up after opening a template. This command would be especially helpful in instances where more than one person is working on the same file. There should be an "Import/Export View" command under the "View" menu.
  4. I looked for a similar entry but couldn't find one. If there is one I'd like to vote for it.
  5. Hi Pat. Thanks for the response. Do you know if this on an existing Vectorworks Wishlist?
  6. It would very useful to be able to import a Saved View from another file, similar to items in the Resource Manager. May be this can already be done?


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