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  1. Josh, thanks for posting this, I've just used your solution to fix a problem I had creating what I thought was going to be a simple script to duplicate an object and move the duplicate by its own width plus a constant. The LNewObj command failed utterly. Is it the command that creates the object that causes LNewObj to fail or the object type? My code was DUPLICATE(0,0); {the selected object} myHandle:=LNewObj; { get its handle } w:=HWIDTH(myHandle); { get dimension of object } HMOVE(myHan,0,w+3.5mm); { shift dimension plus 3.5mm } this fails to shift the duplicate whatever type of object it is. Adding your Waldo code fixed it , though I don't understand how it works. Steve MacOS 10.6.8 VW 2011
  2. When you're used to one button, two is overkill. Support for the spacenavigator is certainly on my wish list
  3. Is this the sort of thing you're looking for? You might want to change the units to matcth yiour drawings. This gives vertical and horizontal guidelines, but the lock command doesn't lock the PIO in place. I don't know why. Steve BEGIN DSelectAll; move(-5000mm,0); LINE(10000mm,0mm); DoMenuTextbyName('Guides',1); Move(-5000mm,-5000mm); LINE(0,10000mm); move(0,-5000mm); DoMenuTextbyName('Guides',1); SelectAll; DoMenuTextbyName('Lock',1); END;
  4. Make that two levels. This morning my PIO draws the object but it doesn't rotate it unless I change a parameter in the OIP to force a redraw. Steve
  5. Charles, yes. I tried using DoMenuTextByName to change the view and that caused VW to crash. Raymond, you're a star. Thats works fine. I looked at SetRot3D before, but couldn't get it to work. I think I should downgrade my member status a level. Thanks for all your help. Steve
  6. Raymond, I found that thread when I did a search for 'rotate' before I first posted, but I didn't see how it might help me Steve
  7. Charles, in essence I have a log lying on the ground. I want it rotate it to be standing up like a telegraph pole. my problem is HRotate rotates around the z axis, so the log is still lying in the ground Steve
  8. Thanks Charles, I've now got a handle on it. :-) moving on slightly, how would you rotate the object on the X or Y axis? I need the equivalent of an HRotate3D(handle,x,y,z); command. The Rotate3D(x,y,z); command still rotates just one surface within the group. Steve
  9. I've created an object in a function by adding path extrudes, then creating a group. When I try to move the object with Move3DObj(handle,100,100,100) only one NURBS surface moves. If I try rotate3D(90,0,0) again only one surface rotates - but not the same one! I know that rotate3D acts on the last object created, so is a group creation treated differently? How do I get a handle to the group? It appears the handle is to one NURBS surface only? Any advice gratefully received thanks, Steve
  10. I've been trying to make a stair rail using loft, as per the instructions in the manual for 'Loft Surface using One Rail'. I just can't get it to work. Is there a bug in 11.0.1? or in the manual?
  11. I have a worksheet with a database row that list objects with a particular record. This is to calculate the Centre of Gravity of an assembly If I try to add another criteria, Layer is a particular layer, then Vectorworks just crashes Steve
  12. Disregard that last message, lame-brain was looking under windows printing rather than Appletalk. > Insert embarrassed emoticon here < Steve
  13. I'm having problems installing the set up properly. I've downloaded the latest GIMP package and 500 driver, but the 500 driver doesn't show up in the list of drivers to choose from in the printer model set up list when I try to add the printer. What am I missing? I'm connected to the printer via a PC network Steve
  14. I've used batch convert to update VW9 files to VW11. Lots of text entries on my drawings instead of being on one line are now on two, and the wrap text box is checked in the Obj Info pane. Is there a way of stopping this from happening? manually unchecking the wrap text button for every text entry is time consuming, is making my fingers ache, and giving me RSI. Steve
  15. Running VW11, Mac OS 10.3.4 Dual G5 When I open a file with a long file name the name at the top of the window is truncated. e.g. '501 CPS Interconnect Diagram Racked P' shows as '501 CPS Interconnect Diag#46205'. The truncated filename also appears in the recent file list. One saving grace is that when saving the original file is updated and the name not changed. With just one file it's not too much of a problem, but I work wih a lot of file with similar names. Is VW 11 still stuck with the filename length limitations of the old Mac OS's? Steve
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