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  1. Hi, is there anything similar to multipart polygon? I want to import a shapefile containing a couple hundred polygons with records attached. I can custom select by different records, but than i want to make the similar ones "work" as one polygon for later work. Making a group is not an option, because after exporting the group that forgets the attached records. Does anyone have any solution for this or it is not coded in VW at all to work with multipart polygons?! Thanks!
  2. Custom selection is not good when i want to select polys touched by one poly...because they have different names (given by a shape file and database) and usually there are couple thousand that i want to select this way.
  3. Dear fellow VW users, is there any way to select polygons or lines with selected polygons or lines? I mean for example if i have 10 squares in a line next to each other and i have another polygon all above them i want to select the squares only by clicking on the top drawn polygon. Is there any way to do this without selecting all of them? I want to use VW for some GIS work...making buffer "zones" (polygons) and with these i want to select other polygons (sometimes couple thousand)...it would be another good thing to make a filter such as "this polygon touches the other or intersect or fully contain others..." Similar to ArcGIS or qGIS functions. Any idea? Or plug-in? Thanks for the ideas and help! Zoltan
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