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  1. It's better to create a texture that emits light. You can set that in the texture editor's reflectivity drop down menü. You can than control the brightness by editing the "glow" effect. Don't forget to turn on indirect lighting for better quality.
  2. You can either replace the marker with already existing ones or you can make your own by converting it to an unstyled one and than press the Edit marker layout... button.
  3. After i use the "walkthrough tool with gamer mode" my mouse cursor disappears. The mouse goes OUT of the Vectorworks window while in walkthrough mode. (Which is annoying as i use hot corners and constantly showing my desktop turning right.... These bugs are with us since 2019...any date when these will be fixed?
  4. Hi, i have a pointcloud as an "environment" but when i want to make a renderworks render of my project the pointcloud just renders in front of everything. (Even when it is "cut out", on sheet layers too.) Check the pictures attached. OpenGL shows the pointcloud good. Is this a bug or a feature? (It does this in VW 2020 and in 2021...latest sp.)
  5. Yes. I know i know, i've been talking about this with @Tamsin Slatter before, but i just can't find any of my older files that had these issues. I usually just copy-pasted parts of them to a new file to make them look good without the weird graphical issue than i deleted the weird ones. I try to recreate the bug somehow and i'll send the file to you. Thanks.
  6. It was just n example, sometimes you don't have to zoom in that close.
  7. If you zoom in on it, there is still weird. I have this issue here and there sometimes, but my workflow is pretty much the same all the time. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. I use a MacBook Pro 8 core i9 with 64gb ram and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB GPU. Latest Osx and latest VW sp...
  8. Zoom in on it. I know the scale is big, but i had a tiny house modelled once on the origin and had the same issue. weird graphic.vwx
  9. Im on mac, but this thing is around since VW2016-17 as far as i know. Never seen this on MiniCad though. 😄
  10. Great thinking! 😉 Well...it should look like a basic 3D extrude. Not like this: 😄
  11. Been there, done that. 🙂 No solution.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! It did that graphical bug to me when my file's origin was set to the center of the model and the model was "only" 2km wide and 2km long. One time before that it was only a tiny house where the same graphical bug appeared with the same internal origin centered in the house model. Weird, but i'll keep that in mind. Thanks.
  13. Hi, does anyone have any idea what is this? Its been around since VW2016-17... It does this to the models when area is too big, or it is georeferenced far from the origin. Does anyone have any solution for this? Thanks. VWXgraphicsbug.mov
  14. Thanks @Luka Stefanovic! The class messed it up after the extrude! Now it works as it should! Thank you again!
  15. @Luka Stefanovic Screen Recording 2020-05-18 at 15.36.49.mov
  16. @Luka Stefanovic thanks for posting. I've done exactly what you did and my polygons got extruded, but they "forgot" the IFC classification part. So now they only show my record format with the fields and data, but nothing else as extudes.
  17. Yup...capitalism at its best.
  18. This is the backside of having yearly "updates". I wish there was at least a 2 year dev process when a new release is launched... But we have new releases every year just when the "older" version starts to work...after SP 5 -6...and we have to start all over again every September... sigh.
  19. Thanks! (We all agree on that it shouldn't be like this compared to 2019 version...right??)
  20. By the way...is there any way i can go through DOORS in walls?? I can not walk through even if the doors are open even when i tick the "walk through walls" option. (I know i know...the door is not wall...Any DEV lurking around on the forums?) Much appreciate it.
  21. So is there any tutorial video coming on that soon...? Ever? Thank you!
  22. Hi, is there any way i can export my pointcloud to Web View in a better view than the pictures attached? (low-medium-high settings don't do anything) It does not even show rgb points only for a second than it all turns black. Or Web View is just another show off feature? (The last picture is in VW how it should look like.) Thanks.
  23. Can you please share a quick video of that please? My file is full of government info what i can not share unfortunately. 😞
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