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  1. 2 hours ago, Dave Donley said:

    "By the way...can we ask for render passes finally as Redshift render engine is present?"

    Sure, what passes would be useful to you?


    I would love to render out all of them, but at least zdepth, object id, material id, reflection, refraction, shadow, specular...🥺

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  2. 1 minute ago, Dave Donley said:

    @Kazemester I have not seen that, unless you have Unified View turned off and the design layer rendering is being overwritten by a later design layer?


    Check if Denoising is on in your settings, de-noising takes 2x the non-denoising amount of render time.  And it most of the time can be turned off.  One useful way to use denoising would be Sampling quality set to Low and Denoising on, to clean things up.  With High the Denoising doesn't improve things much for the 2x render time.



    Thanks for the tip...render time doesn't really matter, the disappearing render is much more frustrating. I had de-noising on, but had Unified VIew turned on as well.

    I render in sheet layers anyways so it was just a quick comment. 

  3. VW2022 still doesn't recognise 3D mouses when connected...VW needs to be restarted to detect the connected mouse.

    By the way in "walkthrough" tool in "gamer mode" you still can move the "invisible" mouse out of the VW window which is pretty annoying using hot corners and "show desktop hot corner" hides the screen all the time. And after exiting the tool the mouse remains hidden, only pressing alt+tab resolves the issue. (This bug was there in VW since gamer mode walkthrough came in.)

  4. Redshift render instantly disappears after completion on design layers.(I guess it's a bug?!) On sheet layers the render works fine.

    And the results are pretty good!

    By the way...can we ask for render passes finally as Redshift render engine is present?




    Edit: the redshift render on 300dpi took around 40mins, the final quality interior renderworks took aroun 5mins though.

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  5. When I add a polygon to a roof (make it wider) it shifts the edge of the roof. That moves all the skylights added to that roof face as well.

    I know the reason to this, but would it be possible to add the added roof width to the skylight "offset from building line" automatically instead?


  6. 7 hours ago, line-weight said:

    As a matter of interest, you say the movement is not good when you have pointclouds on - does that apply just to the spacemouse - or is the 3d movement also not good if you just use the regular mouse & flyover tool?


    Because I find that I can move complex models around just fine using normal mouse and flyover tool etc - the problems begin when I want to use my 3dconnexion device.

    It's not the mouse's problem...the movement gets "choppy" when i load in complex models or a couple million points. VW optimization on macs are incredibly bad, loading times are way longer compared to windows, 3D movement is low frame rate overall and so on. 

    Anyways...do you think big sur will get rid of these and the mouse "disconnection" problem?

  7. Just now, line-weight said:


    As well as this, as you might know there are some problems specifically related to Big Sur - which OS are you on?


    I'm still on 10.15.6. The movement is fair when i don't turn on my pointclouds...but all the sudden it just stops the "walkthrough" sometimes and ia have to restart VW.


    Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 1.04.42.png

  8. Let me revive this thread: i have bought a 3D connexion mouse (just a simple one) and Vectorworks 2021 sp2,1 sometimes drops the connection and stops "using" the 3D mouse input until i restart the app. It works just fine with other apps after VW drops the input... Does anyone have the same problem?

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  9. 30 minutes ago, str said:

    @Kazemester I confirm you can add more than one text field: getting parameters from the VW US window/door PIO I would try either #Door#.#ThreshNose# or #Door#.#ThresholdZOffset#.

    I ment "window" not door...can you share the link of the pio pset field list? I've found the "list of all pio record fields" script...but that doesn't do anything with the psets...

    edit: i've figured it out it is actually called "elevation", but i can't find which pset contains this data in the "ifcwindow" properties...

  10. Just now, str said:

    yep, we do get parameters from the IFC property since we set the tags while transitioning from the VW localised door/window PIO to the VW US/International door/window PIO (and we needed a tags working for both), but we do also have tags getting info from the PIO or with user entered width/height fields (for special door/windows or 2d drawings etc)

    Nice. Just one more question to make my life a whole...what would be the pset name for the sill? I'm trying all permutations of #SillHeight# #Sill.Height# #Window.SillHeight#...but none of them works. Can you add more than one text field to the Data tag symbol to define more tag fields though?


  11. 2 minutes ago, Hans-Olav said:

    Hi @Kazemester 


    Im curious What do the numbers mean, is it top and bottom of opening? 

    Maybe its possible to make a data-tag that displays what you want.

    - here is one that we use that display  acoustical- , fire-rating and top and bottom of rough opening.



    Those are "height" and "width" data on the centerline marker (see attached picture), and height-width and sill height for windows. Standard stuff over here in Europe. 😄


    edit: ...i mean on the eastern part of europe...;) (I see you are in Europe as well.)

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