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  1. Yes, it is quite tedious but at least can create the DTM accurately and don't need to recreate the DTM from scratch in a way..
  2. Yeah I think really need to recreate the DTM in Vectorworks to perform all the site modifying tools... So far how I do it if I have a model from ArchiCAD, I saved it as .vrml format, extract all the coordinates, save it as .csv format, and then make it as a survey input data in Vectorworks to recreate the site model... Unfortunately yeah the IFC format so far served mostly just as 'reference' in a way.. By the way, is there anyway to export the DTM from Vectorworks to get just the coordinates/survey data?
  3. I want to edit and use some tools for the site model such as cut and fill for the imported site model from elsewhere (ifc format). Can I do this without reconstructing the whole site model all over again from start in Vectorworks? Also, if I exported a Vectorworks site model (ifc format), I cannot edit it again when I import it again to Vectorworks? Is there a way to edit it (and do some cut and fill etc) after the site model was exported?
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