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  1. I'm having an issue with subdivision editing- I've created a subdivision object by converting from an Extrude, and I don't seem to be able to edit it. I've pasted the object into a new file, but no dice. Strangely, I've made a generic subdivision object in a new file that I can edit, but once I paste in the mystery object I am unable to edit either one. I've tried it on two computers, both running 2021 SP3.1. Thanks for any insight! Severn Subd Test.vwx
  2. I'm trying to render a sectional perspective view using a perspective viewport of a Design Layer clip cube view. It works correctly with OpenGL, showing the geometry correctly cut away, but not with Custom Renderworks- it shows the 'uncut' geometry over the clip cube edges. It sounded from the teasers for VW2020 that it would work with other renderers besides wireframe and OpenGL- has anybody gotten this to work? Thank you, Severn
  3. Sheet layer rendering doesn't work - I'm curious, do you always render from the Design Layer? So much of my workflow depends on being able to re-render the exact same image as things change - I'm not sure how I would do it without the control of the Sheet Layer. HDR images (in other renderers) are nice because you have a bit more latitude to tweak exposure...
  4. That confirms a lot of my suspicions about Final Quality Renderworks, but it doesn't seem to solve the problem!
  5. I'm running VW 2019 with Renderworks- I'm trying to export a rendering to an HDRI file. The rendering mode is set to "Final Quality Renderworks", but VW still reports "This feature requires Fast, Final or Custom Renderworks. Set the view to one of these rendering modes to enable this feature." Is there a trick I am missing? Thank you, Severn
  6. In follow-up, the file itself seems to have become corrupted somehow - I copied the assets into a fresh file and was able to render shadows correctly.
  7. I've run into a problem where I am unable to set Renderworks textures to "Receive Shadows" - the setting unchecks itself after I finish editing. This is pretty much a deal-breaker for a functional renderer - has anybody run into this, and found a workaround? I've also been having problems being unable to set bump textures in the Resource Manager.
  8. When I go to the settings menu in 2017 for Doors, the "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons don't show up, so I am unable to make changes and accept them. I did find that I can 'Tab' through until the invisible buttons are selected and hit 'Enter', but it's not what I would call a interactive.
  9. When I open up the Nomad app, it initially says "You are in offline mode", and my files don't show up - even though the device is connected to the internet. I'm not able to change preferences or anything in offline mode.
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