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  1. Sorry I can not tell from the posts... Is the anemic performance of v2019 just on the Mac or is the PC version having the same issues? We are using 2013 Mac Pros (trash cans) and my staff has shelved 2019 and gone back to 2018 after two months of griping. Unfortunately this is causing headaches because we have projects in both versions in development. Does switching platforms help? Thanks
  2. We absolutely need a viewing and mark up app for the iPad! Punch lists, site visits, job meetings, goodness it would save my back from carrying a laptop everywhere! I hate creating PDF's of everything to take with me... There are too many possibilities for this device to ignore it. I used it in two continuing eduction seminars to take notes, do research and hope to replace my laptop permanently for teaching. I have had one for a couple of weeks, and have used it all day and can't get the battery below 40%. Its insane. We just purchased 3 more yesterday... It will not replace any desktops, but it will improve our work flow with meetings and communication.
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