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  1. No one knows what may be happening? Help please!!ūüôŹ
  2. Hello Fellows In previous versions I configured two keyboard shortcuts to create a new designer layer and another to create a new class. In Vedtorworks 2019 I can't do the same. Not possible anymore? I just found the possibility of creating a shortcut to open the layer menu, but to directly create a new layer I didn't find the shape. Please how can I do this quickly and conveniently. Thanks.
  3. I have same problem. Trying all export methods created a empty .xml file. Any ideas or suggestions?? Thanks!
  4. It's working for me. Windows: C:\Users(Or Documents and Settings)\(Your username)\Application Data(Or AppData)\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\(Version Number)\Libraries\Defaults\Templates Nice!
  5. I understand... If I create this record is it possible to calculate the total through Vwctorworks? In my example it is easy to do in hand, however I am involved in a priojeto where this will become an inconvenience. If possible which way? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hey guys Is it possible to automatically calculate the total weight of a truss with Light Instruments and cables? Example: I have a Truss line of 10 meters with 5 Varilites Spot 3000 and cables. I put on that truss two hoist. Is there any tool that gives me the automatic calculation of the weight of this set? Thanks a lot. And sorry for my bad English
  7. Nice!! I forgot to associate the body with the rest of the equipment. Thank you!
  8. Folks Help ME!!! When trying to create a new symbol I'm encountering this problem when using 3D rotation. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  9. Nice! I had same problem in edit my personal library and this metod resolved my problem. I selected and edited all symbols, and after this, edit data in Light Synbol Maintenance, now the synbols apears perfect in all data sistem: instrument Summary etc... Sorry my bad english
  10. lol As I said... I am new user of the program and was using the wrong tool. Thank you very much!
  11. Hello folks! In Vectorworks Spotlight, after changing a symbol using the command: replace with symbol. This symbol does not have its data updated in the summary tools. It appears as an unused device with a count equal to zero. Even making the switch in the options: use original; use substitute... I'm doing something wrong, I'm a new user in the program Thanks to anyone who can help!


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