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  1. Thanks Pat I will look into this and see how it works. Allen
  2. To the code writers for future versions of vectorworks. I have been a long time user of vectorworks 12+ years of use. I have a suggestion for you to do with the saved views and how we access them. Right now you can access your views by way of the icon in the tools bar which lets you make a new view and edit views as well as access your saved views. How about if we were to add tabs at the bottom or top of the drawing window with all of your saved views so you just go to one of the tabs and select it and your there. Even though I am only talking about 1 click action but that would make the access much simpler and you don’t have to have a dialogue box come up and select the views. You would still need to have the icon to make a view or you could add this to the right click menu that would have the option to make a view or edit a view instead of the icon altogether. I am thinking these would be similar to tabs in excel on the bottom or numbers the top of the drawing area and they wouldn’t take up much room either.
  3. I have a 3d model created and decided to use the section model to show some exterior wall elevations that don't show up on the 4 elevations that I have. When I go to the section view port on the page that they reside I go into the annotations of the view port and I am trying to add some more geometry and I would like to color or hatch these areas and I cannot do it in the view port. I have gone to another view port in the same drawing and it works fine. I have reviewed several videos and they show that this can be done but not in my drawing. Is there a limitation to what you can do in a section view port in the annotations section? Any suggestions.
  4. I am having a problem with vector works 2017 and the size of the door settings dialog box. I have looked on line and found on solution and that is to change the DPI settings in windows7 but that doesn't help me if I want the resolution to stay as is and just resize the box to see all of it. When you enter the door settings box the ok and apply boxes at the bottom are not visible and you can't see them to accept or make a change. Most of the variables are available in the info palette but when you want to access the 2d or 3d visualization you cannot make a change. I can resize in the windows dialogue box but not the doors. Any suggestions as to how to adjust the dialog box size for doors. Thanks for any help you can lend.
  5. Here is the file you requested. Thanks for looking into this. Allen DxDiag.txt
  6. I did make the change that you suggested but it still is not responding corrrectly.
  7. I wanted to ask if anyone has had any trouble with vectorworks 2017 not displaying a change to their geometry instantly once it is done. For example filleting 2 lines together after you pick each line and it does not change until you roll your mouse wheel or change the zoom. I have 16gb ram, 4gb video ram on separate video card, brand new 7200 rpm hard drive on a i7 motherboard, Windows 7. Anyone having this issue?
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