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  1. Is there any way to import a DWF format into VectorWorks? DWG's and DXF's are quite easy but we haven't found any type of converter [3rd party or shareware] to handle a DWF format.
  2. this is a real dumb question,since i am a total weakling in vectorcrit, but how do i make a macro to display the name of a object? i have named several objects in the data tab of the info pallette and want to create a text block - say 10 pt. Arial Narrow w/ the name of the object.
  3. e.g. i sometimes have a dim. where the number fills the full length of the dim. line and i want to add a trailer [which i know how to do] but want the trailer to appear BELOW the dim. line, rather than off to the side. I can just type some text and place it there but it'd be better if the trailer could wrap underneath - that way if i move the dimension or cut and paste it i don't need to select two items.
  4. Trailers that can wrap text under the dimension dimension line. esp. useful for those short dims.
  5. An Alignment Object: A marker that can be used to show when alignment is desired - it could be stretched and moved and parameters might include: text offset and orientation - sim. to dimension objects in manipulation.
  6. Door Plug-in tool for a pivot-hinge door [offset pivot or center pivot] w/ amount offset variable and swings accurate.
  7. Multi-Fillet - fillet [or chamfer] all vertices of a polyline or rectangle at one time. individual filleted corners could later be edited to adjust radius setting for unique instances.
  8. Data Stamp Objects should update when you double click them OR a preference setting should allow for automatic updating when a document is opened and/or "saved as". They should also be able to be aligned left, right or center - not just left as they currently are limited to.
  9. Rectangle Objects should also provide a readout for the diagonal dimension and/or a proportional ratio in the info palette.
  10. Text Block objects should function sim. to rectangles or polygons. One should be able use the extend tool to extend lines to a text block. One should also be able to trim lines w/ a text block.
  11. Viewport Crop should have the option to appear on the design layer - so it could become the graphic key. When the viewport crop is edited it should automatically update also in the design layer. While in the Design Layer the crop should appear graphically different i.e. red or grayed.
  12. In the File menu in Vectorworks we should have the option to clear the list of all recent files similar to the OSX "Clear Menu" feature in Recent Items in the Apple Menu
  13. Is there any way to change the Mac OS 10 shortcut key of opt.command D? Since it had always been "duplicate array" in VW for the longest time i often find my OS10 dock locked into place and i constantly have to go to system preferences to unlock the "automatically hide and show dock"
  14. is it possible to print a snapshot or a worksheet showing the layers and classes of a document that was already created without using the VA Setup Data?


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