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  1. @JCCARROLLalthough I won't totally disagree with you, what are the particulars that you're finding make PS cumbersome?
  2. Tom, It's a good question but I'm not sure one is needed. For generating elevations from the model, I'd argue that the section viewport tool should always be used; just use the section marker configured as an elevation marker. This way you your elevation, you get better control of the cut plane through a terrain model (big bonus) and you get the benefit of the marker linked to a VP. Let me know what you think.
  3. Hey Jim, I'm curious to know why, in general, VW does not necessarily recommend the Intel HD GPU's yet on the Quality Tested Hardware page there are a few devices listed that include said Intel GPUs. Has there been a shift in VW's opinion on these GPUs? Are they better in a PC config than a Mac config?
  4. For situations where you need a lambda value of a combined framing and insulation component, just create your own in the Wall tool prefs. First, use an online calculator to get your combined value based on timber size and spacing and type and thickness of insulation, and then use the 'Look Up Lambda Value' dialog to generate it for your particular component. Or, if you need to use the value more than once, edit the System Set and add it there for future use.
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