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  1. Hi Tolu, thanks for your response. It was a permission issue on the server. Open the window with server info, select the user and in settings select "apply to all enclosed items". Quite well hidden as the user already had read and write acces to the server. BR Lars
  2. Our projectfile is by default accessible as "project" for new users. The file is located on our server, accessed either over VPN or on our LAN. Unfortunately one new user gets the message that "the project file is in read-only state and is not writeable". The user is otherwise able to access and write on the server. We have un- and reinstalled once – with no luck. Any ideas as to where the problem lies and how to solve it? Computer, network and server are all mac and updated. Thanks Lars Larsen
  3. Now we're off the dropbox, on our server. As for the filesize issues it was because IFC entities which were quite heavy and repeated many times - we hope future IFC updates will make entities behave as symbols.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately it hasn't affected the file size - still trying...
  5. We're aware that it is not advised, but is there any way to "clean" the file? I don't quite understand how using dropbox makes the file size explode. The slowness seems more related to the size than to the dropbox sync, the file is after all in the local dropbox. After your deadline monday we'll put up our new server, but until then we would rather avoid fiddling with our set-up.....
  6. By now working files have reached 1.16 GB, and the project 109 MB. And the project is not at all that big. So things are getting very slow - solutions / comments would be much appreciated!
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