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  1. I am currently printing from an epson 1290, using a G5 with osx 10.2.8. Can I get print quality improvements if I install a third party postscript rip such as iproof power ripX? Gimp print is another cheaper route, would this give me postscript quality prints?
  2. I am using Landmark 10.5. I want to create custom graphics for the drip emitter tool, with a different graphic for each, which can be saved as a symbol/plug-in. I have tried customizing the plug-in objects, and have tried customizing plugin objects found in 02-SITEWK_DRIPEMITTER-mcd to no avail. Is there some way of doing this. My second question concerns symbols and records. If I attach a record format to a symbol, I have to enter specific details each time I place the symbol. How can I get the symbol itself to carry this specific data whenever it is placed, and not just default values. Each symbol should be able to carry specific info should it not?
  3. I am trying to set up a 'general notes' database which I can use variations of from project to project. I have followed the manual, and have various 'sections' each containing a number of notes - however if I try to enter text over about 260 charactors long it gets truncated - am I doing something wrong?
  4. Is it possible to add new classes / layers to vectorworks standards so they can accessed from within Task Manager or classnamestds / layernamestds worksheets? Can classes be added after file has been created? If I add a new class from within the classes dialogue can I use Setup to update the worksheet? When I make changes using 'edit sheet' these changes do not show up within Task Manager etc. I get a message "clasnamestds worksheet contains more classes than the layermap.G worksheet......cannot be used until added to layermap.G" - how do I update layermap.G?
  5. when I join two different wall types as set up in current wall types of VWA I experience poor joining of the various components. Both walls have the same number and thickness of components, except for one middle conponent which makes one wall a total of 4 1/2 inches and the other a total of 18 inches. should they be joining correctly, or do their differing thicknesses prohibit this? I am running VWA on a G4 with 8.6. I am quite new to VW, so I dont know if this is an issue outside of ARCHITECT.
  6. I recently upgraded to ARCHITECT. A file originaly created in VW 8.5.1 became corrupted. Something in the file is hogging memory and it crashes if a Quickdraw rendering is attempted, all pitched roofs appear as flat etc. I have a G4 400/256M, running OS8.6. How can I avoid this happening? should I stop using ARCHITECT?


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