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  1. At our office (VW Architect) we do often work either with 2-3 files (e.g. building model + schemes/diagrams + utilities such us references etc.) or with 3-5 files when working with referenced files on final design stages (e.g. landscape general model + building models + details). Something I would really appreciate/need would be the possibility to work/browse (zoom/pan/etc) with 2 different drawings/files while a command/window is open/active on one of them. For example: File 1: 3d building model > editing wall styles/components File 2: 2d details drawing > checking/verifying some information (thickness, materials etc) needed for wall components It may sound silly but right now we do often use screenshots to copy data or old style writing notes (and copying data) on paper.
  2. ciao Zeno, never managed to set that distance in the “ComputerWorks” window (“Finestra Architect” in the localized italian version). In VW2019 I would consider switching to the new “Data tag” tool, much much easier to set and highly customizable in terms of graphics (we did it at our office and, despite some minor issues, we’re happy about it). S
  3. Hi Michael, we - at our office - just moved a month ago to DS918+. We're still testing Project Sharing with DS918+ but we've also just moved to VW2019, and therefore it's too early for us to give you a proper feedback. Synology was recommended to us by our VW distributor/reseller (VideoCOM, Italy), who was kind enough to share with us some of their - or maybe VW US - internal testing results. From our experience file sharing protocol is the key for Project Sharing in a macOS environment: Vectorworks works much better with afp, while Apple has moved / is moving to smb. We still do have some file sharing issues on smb, and they also affect Project Sharing: they're not related to Vectorworks but to file sharing in general. Besides that, Synology/DSM is easy to set up, very stable, easy to maintain: we're happy about it! We do come from some kind of sophisticated server environment (network home folders, a couple of years ago) and therefore with some internal know-how, but we were able to test and set it up at the office with no issues/worries. Good luck!
  4. str

    wonky roof

    I run into something similar a couple of weeks ago: hope this could be helpful for you as well!
  5. Thank you all for your kind suggestions: attached the issue solved with the workaround suggested by Taproot & BG (no trigonometry, geometry only). Still think that a "how-to-model" approach on the software side, rather than a "data-input" approach, could make the roof face tool as easy to use as some other VW 3d tools. roof face - different eave heights - solved.vwx
  6. thanks Taproot, I see the point, I’ll give it a try: I guess I could use geometry rather than trigonometry, although not that sure about it. Diego: nope, not that true, but thanks for your kind reply: the issue is not a geometrical issue (the roof is one plane, with 3+ vertexes all on the same plane), but it is related to the “roof face” tool: the best would be having the possibility to create a bidirectional roof pitch, e.g. generating/controlling the roof face from vertexes and/or having an option to control both angles/slopes. I understand this is not such a common issue, nevertheless it would be nice to have higher flexibility on the roof face tool and/or the possibility to generate a roof via “direct” modeling rather than inserting geometric data. I’ll try to submit it as a request, with a wider overview on the tool.
  7. At our office we're trying to shape a 2-sloped roof with different eave heights (attached image & vwx file)... with no success. The "Roof face" command is not suitable starting from a polyline/polygon with four vertexes each with a different height; as well as rotating a roof face on a plane different than the layer plane is also not allowed. Any suggestion/help? Since we're working in an advance stage of design, we're not that keen on using/switching to auto-hybrid objects: it would mean loosing all roof/slab/wall constrains (components, etc.) plus we're a kind of scared by the interaction among auto-hybrid and wall peaks. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion. roof face - different eave heights.vwx
  8. @JimW Thanks for opening this thread, I was struggling wondering why light/shadows were off on a SLVP, being the heliodon and its class apparently on and fine. Looks like the class shown in the OIP is different than the one shown in the visualisation palette, being the latter the real one.


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