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  1. Hopefully this tool will be soon replaced/updated… https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap
  2. thank you for filing the bug @Ben Beaumont
  3. I am drawing 2 objects filled with the same hatch, with local scaling/mapping of the hatch specific for each object (bigger below / smaller above). Exporting and/or printing to pdf seems to reset the local mapping, resulting in 2 equally scaled hatches. Attached here both pdf and vwx, made with VW2022 latest service pack on macOS 12.1 with M1 Max. Any idea/suggestion? VW2022-1 texture no.pdf VW2022-1 texture ok.vwx
  4. @Gunther @JuanP @Pier Luigiwe were also experiencing unresponsive menu bar, VW 2022 on macOS Monterey 12.0.1 but only on MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) 2,6 Intel Core i7 with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB. We tried to: switch focus to other applications delete user folder reinstall VW change/recreate Workspace We experienced the following: VW was responsive only after the first launch (either after installation or after forcing a workspace change, deleting the default one and leaving VW to load an alternative workspace when opening) Commands were still accessible via CMD+F As suggested by others in the forum, closing and reopening the clam makes it working again. Turning off the "Automatic graphic switching" option in macOS > preferences > battery seems to solve this issue
  5. I do really appreciate all the new sharing features on VW2021 SP3 and VCS and I agree with @Christiaan that a project sharing server on VCS would help in the future, especially for small-medium practices with little IT experience. For individual and/or small companies, having a robust content management and file sharing platform on VCS, could be a plus. It makes files accessible from multiple devices incl. mobile (iPads, iPhones), making collaboration possibile (via share sync) and providing storage in the cloud optimised for VW files (as an alternative to Dropbox, etc.). I also find the web interface now a bit confusing when it comes to permissions but even for simple silly actions (e.g. renaming a folder... I am struggling to understand how, but I remember I did rename files in VCS in the past) For small-medium companies, working both with BIM models and other files, a mix between share sync and project sharing server in VCS would be great. It would probably push to a move from nas, small servers and local storages to VCS, at least for Vectorworks and design files. File versioning but also an integrated file&folder history management (and backup guides!) would also be great to store design milestones (project issues/revisions etc.). Group and or granular permissions would also help to share data with internal/external collaborators. Having somewhere in the cloud 1) a .vwxp centralized BIM model (and/or a Common Data Environment?) with VR/AR capabilities and running on a VCS project sharing server 2) shared .vwx files (e.g. details, miscellaneous... but than maybe everything should/could be .vwxp?) 3) .pdf and/or .ifc files issued to other professionals and or clients would be great. I would love to have a clear overview on how to deal both with file versioning and backups on VCS before fully integrate this workflow. To share some info, we are a small architecture practice, less than 10 people, using VW both CAD/BIM, currently smoothly running a Synology Nas - after years of Mac OS Server - for storage, file sync via Synology Drive, file sharing with external via box+wetransfer, using VCS for VR/panoramas/presentations, testing now VW projects sharing via Docker (and it looks sooo much better than sharing via files & afp/smb... but for use at the office only, no idea on how to deal with it from remote...).
  6. I do usually select the data I need (lot of trial&error) either from the IFC entity or from the Object (PIO) parameters in the "Define Tag Field dialog box" (they're all listed there), adding the selected one to the tag definition. Not sure this is what you're looking for, for windows I would try with #Window#.#Elevation# (not sure, here in Italy the only standards represented in the centerline are width/height)
  7. @Kazemester I confirm you can add more than one text field: getting parameters from the VW US window/door PIO I would try either #Door#.#ThreshNose# or #Door#.#ThresholdZOffset#.
  8. yep, we do get parameters from the IFC property set since we are/were transitioning from the VW localized door/window PIO to the VW US/International door/window PIO (and we needed tags working for both), but we do also have tags getting info from the PIO or with user entered width/height fields (for special door/windows or 2d drawings etc)
  9. This is how we do it. No flipping issues but unreliable "text wrapping + font size" settings to control text (width/height) position. Everything would work much better if we could only have multiline text in data tags... door tags.vwx
  10. Enhancement request: multiline and wrapping text control options for Data tags, allowing text and data position control without text flipping issues (e.g. window & door tags) as suggested here by @Matt Panzer.
  11. I do agree with @GatRed, this is a key functionality used in many design stages (architecture)
  12. Thanks @Tamsin Slatter, I had thought about but it looks like the "Area" OIP data I am referring to is not among the "customizable" items available in the "Space settings / Advanced settings". In the meantime I submitted this to our local distributor tech support as well, and it has been forwarded to VW (via bug report I guess, thanks @Pier Luigi @Zeno).
  13. Hello everyone, In VW2021 - Space tool - OIP the "Area" field seems missing. Quite a big issue for us at the office, since we were used to quickly check there areas sum ups (multiple selection of space objects) both for space planning studies in early stages and for quantities check in DD and construction stages. Any suggestion? I am aware it is possible to extract data info in sheets or convert space to polygons and polylines... but the Area field is/was a very useful tool for quick selections/checks. Thanks in advance for any reply!
  14. Thanks @Pat Stanford for your kind and prompt reply. Yes I did. Here running 2021 SP2 (Build 574483) localized italian on macOS 11.1 (20C69). My target: having a top/plan view in a SLVP where the "lean concrete" component is not showing (lean concrete class "not visible") while I need to have it correctly rendered/visibile in model&sections.
  15. Hello, In Top/Plan view - both in DL and in SLVP - slab components are visibile even when component class is set to invisible. In 3d views everything seems to work as expected. Is this working as designed? I am running VW2021 SP2 on Mac OS Big Sur. Attached both video & vwx file. Thanks in advance for any help! VW2021 - slab component.vwx Screen Recording 2020-12-17 at 22.16.33.mov
  16. @Matt Panzer I might be out of topic here - I apologise for it - but do you know if there is any way to force multiline text in tags, as in the attached example? I very often need to duplicate tags, providing an "unlinked/manual" version (e.g. when modelling 3d windows which I am not able to model with the door/window tool). In that case, to avoid the "flipping" issue shown by @genie, a multiline text box is needed or some kind of spacer (e.g. the <br> html tag). Currently the only workaround I found is to combining text box width and font size, but this leads to many possible graphic issues (e.g. when scaling text). Thanks in advance all the work you're doing (smart markers are such a good tool!). MULTILINE TAGS.vwx
  17. hi @genie not sure mine is the right way to fix it, but here attached your file edited. This has happened to me in the past also with text in symbols and tags, and I still remember a night before a deadline spent trying to understand (and fix) a last-minute potential big fail due to mirrored information/symbols. When the position of the text (top-bottom) has semantic relevance (e.g. for windows dimension in some countries), using one or two text boxes and controlling text alignment is crucial in my experience. A question for @Matt Panzer: is there any other way to force a new/multiple line in dynamic text (e.g. section line, markers, tags etc.)? VW2021 SECTION LINES ISSUES.vwx
  18. This is a (very frustrating and quite old) bug
  19. To avoid “sheet” and “drawing no.” switching when “auto rotate” is selected, pay attention to the “sheet” and “drawing no.” text box settings: it might be related with its vertical alignment and with the fact that both values are in the same box (which mirrors on its center when rotated) instead of being in separate text boxes (so they don’t switch places)
  20. I do agree, this is a great improvement for localized versions usability. Well done!
  21. We run and tested both versions at the office, localized and international (US), with no difference. I’ll share with our distributor and submit as bug via VW website. Thanks again for your reply.
  22. Thanks @michaelk for your kind reply. This is very strange, I double checked but I am not able to find any misconfiguration. This is working as expected in VW2020 but not in VW2021 (attached here both versions). Furthermore I get more inconsistency with horizontal bars (showing, but with incorrect size, as in the image below). VW2020 railing.vwxVW2021 railing.vwx
  23. In VW2021 SP1 the Railing/fence tool seems to fail to create/represent flat-shaped vertical frame bars (while horizontal frame bars are behaving as expected). I tried both on a new file and on an existing converted one, where bars are simply not represented. Should I report it as bug? Screen Recording 2020-10-31 at 18.11.54.mov
  24. @_c_ wow, thanks a lot, this is very useful: clipping/adding also works with slabs, avoiding the "blind editing effect" when in Slab Editing Mode @zoomer.
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