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  1. i tried to create the flow chart. but i am stuck in middle. can anyone help in creating? Driver backs up the truck into one of the available docks.For full truck loads (FTL) the forklift driver checks the seal to be intact, and matches it with the seal number on the PL/BOL. If seal doesn’t match, he reports to the receiving clerk. Receiving clerk contacts the buyer and fills out the “discrepancy form”. If buyer doesn’t approve the discrepancy, the truck is rejected without breaking the seal. If buyer approves, the forklift driver unloads the goods from the truck and stages them in the receiving area. He counts the goods, and visually inspects the packaging and the parts themselves. If there is a shortage/discrepancy, or if packaging is damaged, he takes pictures, lists the damages/shortages on the BOL, as well as the form, and has the driver sign it. The forklift driver then fills out the “Visual Inspection (VI) Form” by matching the “Packing List (PL)” with the shipment and notes any potential quantity or visual defect issues. Receiving clerk should put a red tag on damaged goods. Damaged goods are moved to quarantine for further inspection. The receiving clerk logs the data under “Incoming QC” in “SmartSheet”. “SmartSheet” sends a notification to the QC inspector. If the load is intact, or the non-damaged portion of the shipment are staged in the receiving area, and are tagged with orange labels “inspection required”. The “VI” form and a copy of the PL are passed to the QC, and another copy goes to the inventory controller. QC inspects the shipment, and passes the “inspection report” to the inventory controller. Inventory controller receives the number of goods that passed the inspection in the ERP system. If there is a discrepancy, shortage, or quality issueQC inspector makes a note under “SmartSheet”. The buyer then follows through the “MRB (Material Review Board)” process.


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