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  1. Couldn't agree more..IMO Clients aren't interested in drones, they prefer to equip themselves with iphones and instructions fly down to their projects, taking photos comparing Bim Details with Data, and Finally posting on Social Media & google. As I said previously there are no clients here, no use posting. I am interested in trialing the technology with data, but I am not getting excited with VWs 2018
  2. Credentials may get you a client/job interview or short listed, but it's data and proofs that gets you into the A-Team How does VR without Data & Proofs get you into the A-Team, please share your experiences as I am genuinely interested Don't worry about losing clients here there are none.
  3. What data do you offer with VR? I do everything along the supply chain with data->Optimise-> Design->Engineer-> Certify->Construct Clients & AEC industry loves it... OT, Clients trust engineers with data because they offer proofs..unfortunately the same can't be said of Gamers and Artists LOL, you need to get out into the real AEC Industry mate..that's why you arent getting a response from others.hth
  4. @Alan Woodwell No Bites..LOL and your not likely to. The average client isn't interested in Renderings & Gaming It's not a game when they have their pants pulled down on site because the data is lacking or rubbish and the architect can't tell them why, while the contractor makes a killing. Interestingly enough..C4D is up 4 Sale..might as well flip it if the times right...
  5. No response? Hmmm. Then I'll add further information 1. Client already feels ripped off with previous design (by architect/archicad) lead team and BIM experience estimates way over his budget and forked out $200K+ for nothing...sorry some renderings? So he is reluctant to go down that path again 2. Back to Preliminary sketch/design with data, Optimisation, alternate Materials, Engineering & Data 3. Here is the kicker Potentially design and construct but needs to go to tender,etc,etc 4. Bim Data required all along supply chain Thanks
  6. I would like to put this out their for comments? I've got a Unit project and I am already tired/exhausted of prosecuting the BIM model happy to handball it over to the Clients,Subcontractors, Suppliers, Builders and google thoughts?
  7. If I was to extrapolate and use the new clip- gif methodology further? I would use it on a real projects & show its benefits elsewhere.
  8. There aren't enough Structural engineers doing BIM in Vws to help improve the tools & export features. Furthermore, another problem is clients don't see the benefits in using VWs & this needs to be addressed ASAP, otherwise your projects aren't even going to make it to site in its initial file form, clients are going to insist on sketchup or revit OT. The biggest issue on site these days is dealing with non-compliance and checks
  9. I can't remember the last time I mirrored or section through tables and chairs in a section viewport? IMO it would have been more useful to add editing in clip sections in XYZ planes... rather than XY only BTW nice GIF
  10. Simulations offer choices and involve data? IMO Clients arent interested in gaming iterations, Trial & Error,etc It's a waste of resources. they just want the best or optimal solution, proofs with Checks & Balances. Check out re-engineering simulation algorithms you aren't likely to get that here with VWs
  11. Simulations require Data,Proofs and trusted Real Engineers If you want answers you need to look elsewhere as you won't find them on any forum
  12. @digitalcarbon Try exporting via parasolid to multiphysics programs like Ansys, Comsol and the like, then deliver the optimised data presentations precisely to clients via apps. The problem is they (the FEM software companies) aren't interested in Artists & Architects as the profits are too low.. tho autodesk is, if you ask me not having multiphysics simulations is a shortfall in Nemetschek's overall strategy
  13. Of course there is other useful information embedded in solid geometry and extracted surfaces and the geometry and data is now used in simulations mostly by engineers Fabricators & Contractors also use it in construction estimating, pricing & build optimisation algorithms , logistics, not to forget the project owners use it in Life cycle Analysis Parasolid is the best Modelling Kernell, cheap as chips with VWs, although most of the PIO & Worksheets are pathetic and need upgrade , Thats another story You shouldn't load up BIM Models with useless data..there are standards. The SMM uses 3 levels of division, Measurement rules, Definition Rules, Coverage rules, Developed BIM rules,etc,etc You need to ask questions to others outside of this forum
  14. That's a problem with all forums that are sales based, with every new release diminishing product trust VWs would do best to focus on quality content, that backs up the Marketing gimmicks, because times are tough for the battlers
  15. @digitalcarbon I suggest you get copies of the Standard Method of Measurement Engineering & Construction You are extracting the wrong data
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