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  1. Are you still looking for someone? I am based in Ohio and have recently been doing landscape drawings for a client in Texas. I lived in Maryland until just recently, and I’m sure there is overlap on plant palettes.
  2. I have recently moved to Columbus, OH and am looking for Vectorworks related work with a landscape design company. I have a masters degree in Landscape Design from George Washington University (2013), private freelance experience, and experience assisting a landscape architect with base map drafting.
  3. I notice that when using the Property Line tool, the acreage for the area only shows if I have "fill" on. Unfortunately, that uses ink when I print so I would rather have "fill" turned off. Then the area shows as 0.0. Is it possible to show the area without the fill on?
  4. Just changed to "Best Compatibility" and it fixed the problem! Thanks!
  5. Ok, I know that having Parallels on my Mac was a snag for the 2014 edition somehow. I will get with my Mac guy to double check hardware and software.
  6. I just went from VW 2014 to 2017. I got a new computer just for the switch to make sure I had enough memory, good graphics card, etc. I imported a photo as a JPEG with no problem at all, but I can't keep it visible. Anytime I zoom in or out, it disappears. I want to trace an element on it but it is impossible to keep it visible while I do that. It seems to have something to do with the layers. The photo is on it's own layer in the "none" class and I have both the classes and layers set to "show/snap others" so it should be visible all the time. Here are screen shots of the photo selected and then a screen shot after I have zoomed. Sometimes it disappears on it's own, too. If I click on the other layer, it shows up again until I zoom.
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