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  1. Hello! Today my 3D area appears all weird with a "saw" shape and I dont know what is going on. Yesterday it was good. This is the second time it happens to me. Any idea whats happening and how can I solve this problem? I really hope that I dont have to do all over again, because I dont have much more time to work on the project and do it again from scratch. Thank you!!!
  2. António da Cunha

    Wave/Ondulated wall. Which tools?

    Hello! I need to do a "waved" wall for a garden (45cm height and 45cm width. The wave goes right and left and ALSO up and down at specific points. The shape is almost a 4 leaf clover. With the wall tool it is easy to do the Right and Left waves, but when I do Up and Down the waves are not round and have Edges. I attach a screenshot of an attempt with NURBS. Very messy. Im out of ideas about how to do this wall round and clean. Thank you in advance!!
  3. António da Cunha

    Wave/Ondulated wall. Which tools?

    Oh! Wow! That looks so clean and brilliantly done! Yes. They can be divided and actually I can even do only half of the area and then mirror it to the other side, since its simetrical. The height measures are very specific and because of that I can divide them into sections. Did you used any specific tool for the undulated 2D line? Or is not important? With the Deform Tool I believe it will work perfectly!! I will work on this and let you know the result. Thank you so much!!!


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