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  1. Hey that worked! Why didn't I think of that? Obviously you're smarter than I am LOL.
  2. Thanks! Interiorcad is a separate workspace so I'm trying to figure out how to import an architect file into it or visa versa.
  3. Hey again, I can't find any info on this so thought I'd ask you. Do you know if you can import a file (ie. design layers) from a different workspace (ie. architect) into interiorcad so that I can plunk the cabinets into the already drawn out floor plan and have everything in the same file?
  4. I'm on the hunt to find some better cabinet options to design kitchens and bathrooms. So far I'm finding the selection terrible, there's not even a proper sink cabinet or a differential between bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets.
  5. Thanks bcd! Question - how do you create and place that worksheet?
  6. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make each sheet layer auto-populate revision date and scale of the viewport into the titleblock. I've been fighting with it for over and hour and can't figure it out. I'm in the Title Block Manager window and under "Sheet Data" I see there are two empty fields - Date and Sheet Scale. I don't want to have to type these in for every time I make a revision or change the scale of the viewport. Is there a way to auto-populate this info?
  7. Hi, I just came across the same problem and found this solution! Lots of good info here. Basically right click on the symbol in the resource browser and duplicate it. Then rename it and then left click on the duplicated one and click on "edit" -> "symbol options" and then you can group the object and assign a class to it. Now that symbol will change and the other one won't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSws9dDKLu4
  8. Is there a way to place a symbol multiple times in a drawing but edit only one of them? For instance, I have a toilet symbol on one design layer that I want in a solid line and the same toilet symbol in another design layer that I want to show in a dotted line. Is that possible?
  9. I'm having issues getting a DWG file that was drawn in metric to import in 1/4" scale. The issue is when I import the file and tell it to be in imperial units and 1/4" scale, the drawing shrinks down to peanut size on the page. Then when I dimension line it, the dim lins are HUGE compared to the drawing. I'm thinking that the dim lines are probably in 1/4" scale, but the drawing itself is not for some reason. Can anyone help?
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