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  1. Agreed, frequently use key combination, especially so when magnified and dropping points/objects. Having the same issue with spacebar pan tool activation when other applications running. A restart, followed by only running VW temporarily solves issue on Mac OS 10.13.6 (17G9016). VW may also want to look into issues with files properly displaying/rendering sheet and design layer information following the opening of a file using file menu and navigating to file. Appears to not happen when opening file directly from finder
  2. Should consider adding a Publishing status in the message bar.
  3. Has anyone run across the following display/rendering issue when annotating Viewports in VW2016 on MacPro running MacOS 10.11.3; VW2016 displays a proper hidden line rendering when right clicking a viewport and selecting "Edit Annotation" however when double clicking a viewport and selecting "Edit Annotation" VW2016 displays irregular polygons and vertices. You need to quit VW and restart once you've double clicked to edit annotations and want to revert to the correct hidden line rendering to properly annotate the viewport Please see attached PDF
  4. Yes, I see some improvement in 2016 SP2 If not mistaken, selecting "Fine Tune Camera View" from the "Object Info" palette instead of double clicking camera to activate tends to not mess with position.
  5. Thank you for the excellent insights. Are efforts under way to correct the camera drift issue?
  6. Hi, Found associated XML configurations in /Users/your_user/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2016/Libraries/Defaults/Energy Analysis/Configurations and deleted them. Thanks
  7. Hi Jim, Working with Energos - Systems - Save Modified Configuration. Looking to delete several "test" Save Modified Configurations. Thanks
  8. I'm in "Left Isometric." Yes, I am familiar with "Top" vs "Top/Plan" and making the Ceiling - Main class invisible to remove over-head lines when in top/plan view. In order to maintain internal consistency and avoid unwanted line rendering, another workaround is to select "Case Opening" with 0" jamb and then re-selecting "opening". The 0" jamb width seams to persist even though jamb width in an "opening" is not irrelevant. Thanks
  9. I do not understand why lines continue to render when selecting "Door - Configuration - Opening" even though all graphic and rendering attributes including those associated with a class have zero line weights and no fills. The only "work around" i've been able to devise is selecting "Door - Configuration - Case Opening" and the setting "Jamb - Width" to 0" Would appreciate if anyone has a more efficient way for lines not to render on simple door and window openings.
  10. Matthew- My apologies, I miss read your response. Class Options is as you advise.
  11. Matthew - Not sure I follow your response. It reads as somewhat of a contradiction. Katie- Edit Sheet Dialogue shows-Class Options: Show/Snap/Modify Others, Active Class: None. No objects selected (Object Info Palette reads no object selected) when performing Custom Selection on Class is Window-Main in Sheet containing said class objects
  12. Custom Selection Tool Issues Vectorworks Architect v9.5.1 running on Mac G3- OS9.1 with 514MB RAM. Custom Selection Tool not able to perform selection based on class. Anyone having similar problem? Thanks
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