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  1. Thank you all for the responses! So it seems no one is having much luck with attaching a remote debugger to vectorworks. Twk mentioned being able to kill the debugger process on windows and it releasing Vectorworks. I have not had the same luck with MacOS unfortunately. Like DomC said, I have used vs.AlrtDialog to provide debugging hints, but it can get so painful while debugging loops since it creates sooo many alerts.  

  2. So I have been fighting with library installation for days...   The lack of package management is a disaster.  Anyway trying to use pandas in pio and it either instantly crashes on import or is missing certain files.  How everwhen I create a script with a code snippet it works...  Just copied and pasted the the single function that uses pandas. Any thoughts?  VW2021 mac osx 10.14. Latest service pack installed.  

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  3. I am trying remotely debug a plugin with Eclipse and Pydevd on MAC OSX 10.15 and Landmark 2021. I have setup a 3.8 conda env for eclipse to match the native VW interpreter, and I can get the debugger to connect and break on a point. but after that it will just constanting freeze VW. im using pydevd 2.8.0 the latest version. Does anyone have any ideas?

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