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  1. HMMM -- what a dumb mistake -- Ruby and Python are so close that I wrote some Ruby code and it worked Sorry so much
  2. Posting here because we don't have Topic for Ruby Script?? Does any one now what version of Ruby Vectorworks is using in 2018, Can't to to get the constant RUBY_VERSION to print out? Also what extensions or Gems are included?
  3. I have Vectorworks 2018, Mac Book Pro w/ high Sierra and works fine. Works by just simulating keybord shortcuts as assigned by Vectorworks. As such, works like any other keyboard simulator. You may want to look at the setup videos on YouTube
  4. Check out Steam Deck and the Stream Deck Videos on YouTube. You can connect a unlimited number for a unlimited number of hotkeys and subkeys But each one requires a usb port. (folders structure within folders) -- Each key can display a icon to minmick a Vectorworks command and easily identify the hotkey or input text sequence. Can be programed for different Applications which it will automatically detect. Downside -- A little pricey.
  5. You may want to try: Area ((L= 'Main') & ( C IN [ 'xxx', 'yyy', 'zzz'] ) )


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