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  1. Hi hekla, If you'd like to send me the data file that you received, I can try and assist. send it to pete[removethis]@resolve.ca
  2. Skot, You clearly don't understand the viewport technology. It is not only used in 3D, but can be used to greatly increase the possibilites for developing 2D working drawing sets. Perhaps it would be beneficial to use the collective wisdom of this support board, and its many knowledgable members, before knocking a useful and powerful feature of VectorWorks.
  3. >> I think it would be a great investment for Nemetschek to make basic video tutorials for beginners. Hi Marr, The Learning Series CDs, which Resolve produces for Nemetschek, provide a consistent, well-thought approach to learning VectorWorks. We based the content on our experience teaching thousands of users across North America. The development of this type of material is costly, particularly when care is taken to provide a top-quality user experience. I can understand that you would like to see these offered for free, however I think that you'd find them an excellent resource, and that the cost pales in comparison to paying for VectorWorks but not being as productive as possible with it. Best regards,
  4. Hugo, The printing shop is probably asking for a .PLT file because they're used to that for AutoCAD. You might ask them if they can print from a PDF as that will be much simpler for you.
  5. Kurt, Sounds like you may need some additional seats. If you upgraded licenses from version 11 to version 12, the two copies (one from version 11 and its upgrade on version 12) won't run concurrently on a network.
  6. Skot, Although your computers are not at the bottom end of the spectrum, the PB and eMac are not ideal due to the limited RAM and processor speed. However.....I think you may also be experiencing a slower "feeling" due to the fact that you have also made the jump to OSX (I assume that you were running VW8 under OS9 in Classic Mode). Many of our customers reported this when moving from OS9 to OSX, yet were willing to make the jump for the stability and other improvements. IOW, it may not be VW that feels slower, but your OS instead....
  7. Skot, Please let us know what hardware you're using.
  8. Heather, Did you receive the "Upgrade Companion" CD in your package? That has a lot of info for people transitioning to VW12.
  9. CW, Sounds like you have gone through a lot of time and effort so far. Have you considered simply upgrading to VectorWorks 12? May be worth it in the long run for many reasons, not the least of which you can start drawing rather than going through trying to fix this problem......???
  10. mlau, Keep trying - there is a "sweet spot" that will cause the palettes to dock in the proper orientation. Takes a while to find it.
  11. Hi hekla, A survey file is basically a text (comma or tab-delimited) file with X, Y and Z values for a series of surveyed points. Alternatively, if you can get a digital file with 2D or 3D contours, you can also make a site model. If a paper survey is the only thing available, you could scan that, import it into VectorWorks and then trace contours with the Polygon Tool. First question is: What source data is available? [ 02-23-2006, 02:59 PM: Message edited by: Peter Huggins ]
  12. Hi Fuge, The Navigation palette is included with any of the Design Series products (Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, or Machine Design), as well as with VectorWorks Designer. Hope that clears it up.
  13. Hi Thom, Unfortunately there is no way to do this in VW 12, short of ungrouping the property line object and changing individual components (which would cause the object to lose its parametric capabilities).
  14. This is a great example of where a "Rule" is so useful in your mail program. File the messages from the list in a folder and read them when you want to. The list remains a very valuable service for VW users.
  15. Sounds like a shipping mistake. The Core Concepts CD should come with a NEW license (as should printed manuals). The Upgrade Companion CD comes with upgrades, which are manual-less....
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