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  1. I haven't been back to this forum for a while and noticed my post of 24 April 2002. Well - 4 years later - I think we're just about there. Maybe the subject of this forum should read Vectorworks XII!! Having used viewports on a couple of projects now I think their implementation is pretty solid. The workflow is slightly awkward but from what I've seen of 12 this is already being smoothed out. Well - thats my 2 cents worth. Well done Nemetschek!
  2. Giovanni has hit the nail on the head! We need viewports for graphic referencing and ODBC for data exchange. It's a big step but it's whats needed in an architectural environment
  3. Perhaps in the next upgrade, Vectorworks can include a comprehensive referencing system so that various files can be tiled into a master document. In the master file the references should be able to : - be moved- be rotated- be clipped- control levels and classes This would be particularly useful in producing architectural detail ie. 1:50 sections that automatically produce 1:5 details. Similarly 2 or more separate 3d models could be referenced together and manipulated. This seems to be a major difference between Vectorworks and other leading CAD programmes. Hopefully this issue can be addressed. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
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