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  1. Hi all, I'm really struggling with the new cable tools. Everything worked fine for my needs previously but this added complexity has just thrown me. The current project is an illuminated trail through a park, I have somewhere like 300+ ground based fixtures and there is no way to make an exact cable plan given the nature of the terrain in the park but getting an idea of rough cable numbers would be great. A few things: Is there a tutorial somewhere that explains consumer/inputs and outputs in fixture symbols? Some of the fixtures I'm using don't have them built in so I need to learn how to add them. When I create a cable work sheet, it wont recalculate like other sheets from the drop down menu "File - Recalculate current worksheet", I need to close it and start a new one to get an update. Cable lengths... so if I have a cable of 8.8m then rather than suggesting a 10m it places a 5m, a 2.5m and a 1m. This is with "fewest parts" selected. Given that its all outside and I'd rather have 1.2m slack rather than use three separate cables, what do I do to make this work better? When I add a new cable, I'm always asked to assign an output and even though I select "Always use next free" I keep getting asked, even when there is only one output. Very annoying What is "insert distributor before each lighting device"? If I create just one 10m cable between two fixtures and then create a cable parts list, I see one x 10m and 2 x 1m. I can't see the 2 x 1m on the drawing. Any idea where these are coming from? Cheers, Matt.
  2. Brilliant, thanks very much. It'll take me a while to make my own, each with the colour code the company I do most of my work for but I do see the value in that. Would it be possible to create a saved set inventory for each hire company? I don't want to trawl through turning on or off loads of cable lengths/types depending on where my kit is coming from on a particular show. I never use Harting or Shucko or many of the other types and I know I can turn them off but an opt in (to a user set) rather than opt out of a general set would be really handy.
  3. I use 1m, 2.5m, 5m, 7.5m 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m lengths of 16a/1, True1 and signal. How do I get the 2.5m, 7.5m, 15m and 30m lengths into the new cable tool? It was easy before. Now the help feature just says: Advanced users can edit, add, or remove items from the cable parts list. Edit the symbols in the Cable Tools folder in the [User]\Libraries\Defaults folder. Click Update in the Manage Cable Parts dialog box to refresh the cable parts list. I've followed this to an XML text file that I've gathered is where the info is held, do I need to add through this and create the cable I need this way? Many thanks, Matt.
  4. I've just updated to VW22 half way through a project as one of the other workers is using it. Our base file was created in 21 and when we export or publish sheet layers they come out twisted and with lots of the information rotated almost randomly. The sheet layer looks fine on the screen within VW but when I export it it goes wrong. CBP v12.vwx
  5. Thanks, that's all great. I'm going to have a look at GDTF files a bit better tonight and compare the ADJ I have that does display the gobo correctly and the Chauvet that doesn't and see if anything is different. The ADJ also has a problem with the shutter channel as it doesn't seem to respond correctly to the "Open" section of the range. GDTF seems great, the personality I made for the solo works perfectly with the zoom functioning as it should. As for the GDTF builder, it seems that this isn't yet available for my Mac, is this correct? Oh and why are focus directions lost when I use GDTF fixtures? Cheers, Matt
  6. Hi all, hope things are going ok out there... I've got a bit of pre vis to do for a small venue and I'm struggling to get it all happy. The fixtures are: Chauvet Intimidator Spot 260 which I've had a fixture made by VW and sent through. This has come with the GDTF from the GDTF website it seems. They work as expected in Vision apart from the gobo which seems to do nothing. I've checked the GDTF file and it seems okay but I'm pretty new to it. Any ideas? ADJ VIZI Beam 300. These again came from VW and seem to work okay. Chauvet COLORado 1 Solo for which there is no VW or Vision fixture so I've had a play with the GDTF builder and made something that seems to work apart from when I move the zoom, every now and then the beam looks like it has a ring gobo in it. Also using the GDTF fixture doesn't seem to carry through the focus information either. If I set it to a "Solo 2" (as a VW fixture) then the focus point is correct but it's missing some features like zoom. Oh and VW programmers, please, please, please, put a column in the fixture selection box showing the number of channels each mode uses. I know there are many ways of checking once I've loaded the fixture but when there are 6 or 7 personality types and they may or may not be correct just knowing how many channels are used in each personality would be ace. And...... one final question, when I load an MVR file, if I select "use GDTF" instead of vision, where does Vision look for the GDTF fixtures? I think I've worked out that when I select "use Vision" it will use whatever is selected in VW. Is this correct? Sorry, loads of questions there, any help much appreciated. Matt
  7. Sure thing, here's the file, I've just tried to reproduce it but it doesn't even want to rotate the fixtures. When selected, the light goes out and it doesn't move. That would be a shame about the lack of gobos on ETC lanterns as they're pretty universal world wide. I hope it's something simple.RNCM v10.v3s cheers
  8. Cheers, That's really appreciated, I found the glitch and it was certainly my fault, I had the x axis rotated 90* so everything was out. I did initially have a play with the rotate 3d option and whilst the light moved, after wiggling it around a bit, I stopped and not a single part of the light lined up, the clamp was over here, the feet were over there and I couldn't seem to get it to line up with the plane I wanted. The attached pic shows one after playing with rotate 3d and then setting all the rotate parameters to the same as its neighbour. As for gobos. I can't seem to find where I would select them... sorry, me just being blind I reckon. In the properties window there's an arrow just before the "Colour Wheels" option which allows me access to the gels. For all the generics in my model (etc 15-30 led and tungsten and Strand SL's) there is no arrow next to "Gobo Wheels" text. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi folks, so I'm really getting on with this quite well. I've created my first piece and sent to the client (recorded from my phone camera from the screen as I needed to have the music on it as well) and they're impressed! So am I 🙂 I've been told I've also got a bunch of Chauvet Colorbattens to play with so these are going as a row along the base of the Cyc but I'm also going to stand some vertically to break up the space a little. I don't seem to be able to rotate them on the correct plane however. Rotate y and z both work on the same plane but in opposite directions so they won't go vertical. I can still program the show like this but am I just missing a check box somewhere? Gobos - I have quite a few units (etc lustr 15-30s and some Strand SL's) that have some breakups in them. Although they both have a tab in the Properties section it seems to be inactive. Is it possible to place a gobo in these fixtures? I've looked through the help sections but I'm still not quite used to navigating the system so any help is really appreciated. Matt
  10. Thanks very much for your reply, The VLZ problem was certainly one at my end so I think i'd better fess up... The Chamsys desk has two personalities, one of 61ch and one of 56. The 56 ch seemed to work better but not properly, when I did some digging i found what you've just told me... there is no 56 ch so I have no idea why my desk has one... I've edited the 61ch head on my desk and all is good. Thats a shame about HIS but the venue having them in this mode is rare and I'm sure I'll be able to morph some of the info once I get to the venue. I can't seem to see where in the OIP the dmx footprint is, I've included a screenshot if that helps. for those fixtures without the channel numbers in the name (and with the TW1 having the wrong name for the mode) the only way I seem to be able to find the number of channels is to either view in Spotlight - dmx patch which can sometimes be hard to relate to specific fixtures or export it to Vision and check there. Am I missing something from the OIP? Thats great news about the GDTF fixture design stuff. I had no idea about it before and have just read up. looks really promising. I'm used to being able to build and edit fixtures in Magic Q and appreciate that its hard to keep up with the fast moving pace of new fixtures coming onto the market.
  11. Thanks, I'm sorry if I come across a little grumpy, thats not normally me! I think I may have hit quite a few blocks on this particular project and its just got to me a little bit having just got the full version. I'll put a request in shortly. Also, thanks for the direction to the manual, I found the help section very useful.
  12. Hi all, So after playing with the 2 universe version I thought it would be just what I need for an up coming set of shows. Cutting it all a bit fine but, hey, thats rock and roll (or a bucket load of dance pieces actually). The shows are in less than two weeks time so if anyone has a solution then it'd be really appreciated otherwise its a lot of money to spend not earning its keep! I can't go into the venue and re address everything as there just isn't the turn around time and I doubt they'll let me. Here's my list in order of urgency: Varilite VLZ Profile, no fixture for the 56 ch version - this is a big issue as there are quite a few in the venue and will be the main moving light for the show. The venue also has a load of ETC LED2 lustr profiles (15-30 and 25-50) that are in HSIC mode. The only personality type in Vision is RGB 6ch with no dimmer. I've just morphed my desk fixtures to the 6ch mode and added a virtual dimmer but until I get to the venue I have no idea if morphing this back to a HSI fixture with dmx dim will work... Again, these are the most common fixture in there apart from some parcans so I need to get a fix for this asap. Can’t seem to find a 19ch version of Varilite VL1100 TID. Have used VL1000T-TI which seems to work but I haven’t been in the venue yet to see if its the same. Martin TW1 Personalities, can these be removed/edited/renamed? It took ages to work out what was the right one, we only need two. Martin Mac TW1 is the working 20ch extended version Martin Mac TW1 Extended does not dim. Martin Mac TW1 8b is the working 14ch version. Martin Mac TW1 8b Extended only has 14ch and does not dim. A few other things that i'd like to see (now I've parted with a large sum of money) is a column in the fixture mode select box showing the number of channels for the mode and ideally somewhere the ability to access a view of the channel layout for each fixture so I know its right. Cheers in advance, Matt
  13. Also just put in a SGM Q7 which has a beam angle of 110 degrees and its looking like 25 or something.
  14. Neither the Palco 3 or 5 have a zoom feature, they're pretty old and just have a set of interchangeable lenses (hence me finding them in the attachments section). Heres a link to the manual: http://tandm.co.uk/documents/User Manuals/SGM/Palco 3.pdf
  15. Okay so that bits work in progress then.. There isn't (or shouldn't be) a focus on the fixture. I should've mentioned that VW only has SGM Palco 3 Mobile (movable head). I'm only using standard palco, Channel layout: Ch 1 Shutter/Strobe Shutter and strobe functions are adjustable and random. Pulse Functions Ch 2 Dimmer intensity control Ch 3 Continuous Red saturation control 0-100% / White1 Ch 4 Continuous Green saturation control 0-100%/ White2 Ch 5 Continuous Blue saturation control 0-100%/ Amber Ch 6 CTC Continuous colour temperature control Ch 7 Macro functions Ch 8 White balance control
  16. Okay, so I've found the "Manage Attachments" bit, I've put the 25 degree lens on the units but when I do that, the light goes out and there seems to be no option in the attachments section anymore, not even to remove it..... Hmm....
  17. Hi, so I've added some SGM Palco 3 units to my show and the beam angle in the vectorworks model is 8 degrees rather than the 25 degree lens I have in it. I've edited it in the symbol in VW but the image in Vision seems to be really quite tight. Where do I edit the beam in Vision to the correct width? It doesn't seem to be in the properties window. Cheers.
  18. Cheers, that much appreciated. Changed the fixture mode, thought that the fixture would have that set beforehand.
  19. Hi folks, I'm new to Vision and slowly learning it. Please bear with me, I'm going to fire some probably daft questions up here but I do look for answers before hand. So I'm happily getting some lovely looks from the movers I've put into my Vision files but I've patched a few S4 profiles and some Arri 2ks. They're in the vectorworks file, I've addressed them in the same way as the movers yet although they appear in the Vision 3d image, they aren't in the patch window... What am I doing wrong? Cheers.
  20. Thats great. Thank you very much. My wife's off on tour over the weekend so I'm going to fill the office with my MQ100 desk and monitors and have a play.
  21. Cheers, I've deactivated the switch in Energy Saver and its running much better. It still struggles with 10 X4 bars pointing at the screen and the 4 Sharpys but hey, for the project I'm looking at trialing it on that shouldn't be an issue. As for the light output, turns out to be a case of operator error... I know how bright the X4s are compared to Sharpys and they just didn't seem to be right... until I remembered to zoom them in... Thanks again.
  22. Hi Hive mind, I've just put the 2 universe free version of Vision on my MBP and looking in the activity monitor it doesn't seem to access the high performance GPU, it just seems to run off the standard intel one. Vectorworks does access it however. I ran a test of 10 GLP X4 bars and 4 Sharpy's and it's been really struggling. Is there a way to force it to use the 4GB Radeon 560? Oh and while I'm here, is there a way to increase the overall light output of all fixtures from one menu? Cheers, Matt.
  23. Its been a while since I last used VW so please forgive me as I'm a bit rusty but I've been stuck with creating a semi circle of Martin Sceptrons and some sunstrips in the vertical plane. I can't even seem to rotate any of the Sceptron or sunstrips symbols that come with VW.... just not up to my usual standard or maybe I am! So I can't rotate a hybrid object. What do I do? It seems pretty random as to whether the rota objects in the OIP do anything. I'd like to be able to create an array of Sceptrons loosely based on a semi circle and this just seems the way to do it.... I also want to place some sunstrips that aren't vertical. Where am I going wrong? I just can't get past this. I'm sure that once its made clear there'll be an "oh, yes. I knew that" moment.... I've tried to edit the 3D component to make a symbol that at least sits in the vertical plane rather than horizontal but I'm just failing at every hurdle and although I should really stop for the night and go to bed its really bugging me now... Cheers in advance.
  24. So after a good clean up of the file things seem to be better. If I try to do a hidden line render of the stage plot it still takes far to much time (i never even bothered letting it get to the end it was that slow) but this plot will do. I'll load up the file to dropbox but its 180 mb so will take a while on my connection. Also, what are the lines coming out of the labels and how do I get rid of them? Cheers Stage Plot.pdf
  25. Cheers, will look into getting it sent when next at the machine, I think checking the Display Planar Objects boxed has solved the issue - sort of... However, its just created another problem, I have as suggested created a layer that only holds the truss and fixtures I want to show and have created a viewport on a new sheet of the front view of the stage. On it are maybe two dozen moving heads, some Sunstrips, a bit of truss and two mirrorballs. Again when I click Update in the OIP with display planar objects ticked I just get the whirling ball for what so far is about an hour.... It would be quicker to create some text boxes on that plane that represent the fixture number and patch data than wait for it to finish rendering. Would there be somthing that is making the process really slow?
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